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This phrase “Jobs in China for Americans” owns a big traffic on Google search, which shows that China has already become a hotspot for Americans to work abroad.

China’s Large Job Market for Americans

China, as the second biggest economy in the world, has opened itself out to follow the globalization trend in 1987 which boosts talent exchange between China and other countries. As we all know, China’s government places a high value on English education no matter adults or children. Chinese children must study English from primary school to university. And adults are encouraged to learn English to improve the personal competence in career. This emphasis on English education pushes a great hiring need for ESL teachers. As for Americans, ESL teachers would be a good occupation choice for you as you are native English speakers which have advantage in applying for ESL teachers in China. As for Americans who do not like to take part in education industry, there are also other non-English teaching jobs in China can be in your career consideration list. This one you may not know that China has opened lots of non-teaching jobs for expats in order to enrich talent pool and diversify Chinese economy and culture.

Popular Career Opportunities in China for Americans

You must be so curious about that what kinds of occupations are the popular career choices for most Americans in China. This article will reveal what kinds of jobs are most American in China chose to as new career in different country.

English teaching job for American in China

English teaching job is definitely the most common and popular career choice for American in China. As you may know that China has improve the threshold of being English teachers in China. Here are some basic requirements for English teachers in China. First of all, English teachers in China should be native English speakers with both at least Bachelor Degree and 2 years of working experience. Moreover, candidates should own relative teaching certificate like TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate. So obviously Americans can meet the first requirement to be English teacher in China.

Journalism job in China

As an increasing number of expats settled down in China, there also emerges a basic reading need for these expats in China to know some news and interesting things in China. So many media companies in China have specialized in disseminating Chinese news in English vision to meet the reading need of expats in China. Typically these companies are willing to hire expats in China to help polish the language of Chinese news in English vision. And if you own good writing skill and have some experience in proofreading articles, you will have advantage in applying for this kind of job. Moreover, knowing Chinese is definitely a plus in applying for this journalist job in China as recruiters believe that you know about China at some degree, which will be more convenient for you to communicate with your Chinese colleagues in the writing process.

Finance job in China

As the engine for future global economic growth, China is a good location for expats to seek for their finance career in China. This kind of finance job also needs the candidates to be brave and adventurous as China is an emerging financial system with different economy rules and difficulties. While also because the financial system of China is new, experienced finance talents are always welcomed to join in this industry to cooperate with Chinese talents to boost China’s finance industry.