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There are many Jobs in China for English speakers. China's booming economy and declining birth rate have made it one of Asia's most talent-starved markets. It has attracted millions of English speaker to visit and live there. According to the research in 2014 by HSBC, China ranks the 3rd popular destination for international citizens, following the Switzerland and Singapore.

Should every body go teach English in China? No, NOT everyone is being English teacher here. If you absolutely don’t want to teach English, there are many other avenues you can pursue.

University Jobs in China

What jobs can you do if you are studying in a Chinese university? The most common (and easy) choice is to be a language tutor. Its quit natural if your mother language is a popular one, e.g. English, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese etc. Because of the various language majors in the university, tutoring your fellow students will keep you fed. Besides, there are a lot of part-time / contract modeling, voice, acting jobs outside of school. Make sure you command of some basic Chinese, so that you won’t be taken advantage by agents.

Marketing Jobs in China

With the continuous improvement of China's market economy, marketing has penetrated into all aspects of enterprises, and people will have a deeper understanding of this concept. Therefore, the demand for qualified talents in this field will remain optimistic. If your home country is a potential market, you should have many marketing related jobs in China. Remember, in addition to being familiar with the market in the target country, you also need to understand Chinese culture to be a good marketing manager.

Engineering Jobs in China

Why foreign engineers are still in great demand given the fact that Chinese universities produce a large number of engineers every year? The truth is that these universities have the same old training system, and the job market needs a workforce with highly specialized skills or experience in new fields such as oil and gas, clean energy, general heavy industry and automobiles. In China, there are plenty of engineering jobs for English speakers, for foreign experts bring a prestige to these companies because they have extensive experience in globally recognized projects. If they have the ability to work in mandarin, it will be a great advantage.

Part Time Jobs in China

There are many different jobs that foreigners can have here in China. The difference between most of them is part-time and full time. Some of our friends are hotel assistants, quality control managers, marketing interns, foreign news anchors, journalists, and bar managers/bartenders.they may be in full-time or part-time mode. Modeling, voice, design, performance art and tutoring are the easiest fields for a part-time job. And, in these fields you are likely to have a better market than Chinese people.