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China's booming economy and declining birth rate have made it one of Asia's most talent-starved markets. According to the research in 2014 by HSBC, China ranks the 3rd popular destination for international citizens, following the Switzerland and Singapore. There are many different jobs that foreigners can have here in China. The difference between most of them is part-time and full time. And no NOT everyone is teaching English. If you absolutely don’t want to teach English there are many other avenues you can pursue. Some of our close friends are hotel assistants, quality control managers, marketing interns, foreign news anchors, journalists, and bar managers/bartenders.

Most Common Jobs in China

The industry sectors of China is quite balanced. The offer tremendous of vacancies in fist, second, and third industries. Many multinational companies have their Asian headquarters in one of these east coast cities of China: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Tianjin.

The majority of expatriate workers in China find jobs with foreign-invested enterprises. Although opportunities do exist with Chinese companies, these usually require some knowledge of Mandarin.

Major industries in China include:

· chemicals

· consumer products

· food processing

· machine building

· mining

· technology

· textiles

· logistics.

Taking a full time job in China requires quite a lot of work to get the work visa, and some more fuzzy to get the resident permit. So, how can you benefit from the booming economy’s opportunities without experiencing all the headache? A simple way is go online.

Online Jobs in China

Yeah, this is an easy way to interact with your far east clients. Most of the online jobs are language teaching related. There are some design, editing, and advertising remote jobs. Tens of thousands of Americans are teaching English remotely, connecting with the vast majority of Chinese eager to learn the language, thanks to advances in global communications technology and huge investments in Chinese online education companies.Tutoring can be a meaningful work option for people in rural communities far from the main job market.

Teachers are preferred to be native English speakers, hold a bachelor’s degree and live in the U.S. Working experience with children is a plus. Average pay is $12 to $20 an hour, with most teachers starting at around $14 an hour. Each tutoring session lasts 30 minutes.

Part Time Jobs in China

When looking for English-speaking jobs, no matter full-time or part-time, they will mostly be in cities such Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen - the business and industrial hubs of the country.

If you don’t want long term engagement, there are a lot of part time jobs available for foreigners. Language tutoring is cliche, you can also find part time acting, modeling, voice, design, and business related part-times. But keep in mind, although foreigners are not banned from doing part times in China, a part time job will NOT give you a work visa. Thus, you need to maintain a legit status to reside in the country by other ways. You can check easily the part time openings in most Chinese cities on our platform.