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It seems that jobs in shaghai have become hot jobs for expats all over the world that most of them are in hurry to search for jobs in shanghai but type the wrong word of shanghai. This also shows that shanghai is a hotspot for expats to visit and work in China.

Come Close to Shanghai

In 19th century, Shanghai began to develop to an international commercial and financial center at a rapid speed by using its favorable port location to do oversea business with other countries. Now shanghai has already been recognized as an international metropolis in China and even the world. Shanghai boosts it international reputation by holding lots of major sport events, international meetings and World Expo in 2010. By successfully holding these events, shanghai have earned the admiration and affection from expats all over the world and let the world know more about China. While shanghai also have taken on lots of suggestions to improve the managing methods of city and the designs of its infrastructures which make shanghai a convenient and expats-friendly city.

Shanghai a City Free of Serious Crime

As a main image of China, shanghai has become a city free of serious crime with highly police presence in custom and airport which product shanghai locals and expats from attack of terrorist forces. While there are also security checks in shanghai subways to ensure public safety and protect public from mass damaging incidents and keep the stable operation of metro transportation for people’s commuting to work, school and so on. Although many locals and expats may complain that it is really wasting time to take on the security check when going into subway. It is not true. Normally it only takes 1-2 minutes to do this check but this few minutes security check can ban people taking damaging things like knife, poisonous gas and vitriol and so on which are definitely will do harm to public security especially in the subway with massive human traffic.

Find Well-paid Jobs in Shanghai

After knowing shanghai is such a charming, positive and safe city, most of you must look forward to checking for well-paid jobs in shanghai. Let us find out some well-paid jobs in shanghai for you.

1. modeling jobs in shanghai

Shanghai also owns its reputation of fashion metropolis which means that you can find lots of modeling jobs in here. You may worry about that you do not as good looking as film stars in TV/movies, do not worry, normally this kind of job does not require candidates to be as beautiful as movie star but it requires candidates must be confident to show herself/himself before camera shooting. And what you need to do is keep a good figure and clean face which meet the basic requirements of being model. And if you want to take this job as your long-time job, it would be better for you to find a reliable model agency to arrange your work.

2. translator

If you are a bilingual talent, translator should be a good job for your consideration as there are so many companies want to hire foreign talents to help them receive their guests when do business with foreign corporation. Chinese companies hope their foreign staff can help them crease a smooth and relax atmosphere for their business negotiation with foreign customers and push successful cooperation.