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Although Jobs in Shangahi looks a little be confusing but we still can know that this phrase should be jobs in shanghai. It can be understood that foreigners who do not know Chinese but also seek for job chance in shanghai. And we also can feel that shanghai has already become a hotspot for foreigners to seek for new chances in China.

Come Close to International Shanghai

As one of first-tier cities and the most famous international city in China, Shanghai has already known by the world by its impressive strong economy and strong and positive image of China. Shanghai becomes famous by not only its strong economy but also its prosperous city scenes which has been shown by lots of international events holding in shanghai. With more events, games and expositions and others have been holding in shanghai, shanghai also becomes a travel hotspot for foreigners all over the world. More foreign tourists in shanghai, more admiration and affection have been given to shanghai which at some degree help shanghai come into the eyes of more and more expats and finally attracts an increasing number of expats to seek for jobs in Shanghai.

Shanghai is a City Combining Chinese and Western culture

Due to some history reasons, western culture has influenced shanghai for a long time and leads shanghai becomes a metropolis with fusion of Chinese and Western culture. So this also means that shanghai is a foreigners-friendly city in which you can still feel some western culture atmosphere as your home land. The most obvious one is the western cuisine restaurants widely spread in shanghai which can meet your food hobby. While as you in shanghai, it is a good chance to taste special Chinese food especially shanghai cuisine. Not only the Chinese restaurants you should come and have a try, but also the street snacks also worth your tasting which definitely will surprises you. After tasting all special food in shanghai, you may become a Chinese food promoter in future as other expats do.

Worth-trying Jobs in Shanghai

1. Journalist Job in Shanghai

As the strong development of China, there is an increasing the need for broadcasting Chinese news to the world and let people know more about the true China. And shanghai as the metropolis in China also owns many news offices which have hiring for foreign talents to help them polish news language to improve the readability of news. Also foreign journalists can be new blood who can make a different news report from foreigners’ sight and this also will more attractive for some foreigner readers.

2. Translator Job in Shanghai

This kind of job is the most popular job between foreign students in China. Most of foreign students are bilingual talents and they can both earn money and practice their translating skills in this kind of job. Normally foreign students would like to take translator part-time job as they can arrange this kind of job in the time when they are free and have not class needed to attend. The salary of this kind of job is different between different people and you need to show the recruiters your translation work before to prove your translation skill.