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It is really interesting to see jobs in shangai owning high traffic volume in the searches of jobs in shanghai and jobs in China. It seems that there is a large number of expats who do not know Chinese but still try their best to search for job in shanghai when trying to type shanghai but wrongly type in “shangai”. At last, they still can get the result of what they want. In all, we can know a basic truth that shanghai has become a popular destination for expats to seek for job chance in China.

Know about Shanghai before Moving to it

I guess most of you already have heard the name of shanghai for many times and shanghai definitely has left an impression in your mind. Most of expats know that shanghai is the most international city in China and even can listed as one of the most developed metropolis in the world. Yes shanghai is one of main image of China to the world. A large number of expats who first comes to China and directly visit shanghai as their first destination, they are so surprised about the prosperity of shanghai as they keep a thought that the city of China must be more like American city in 20 century. While the prosperous image of shanghai has first changed their impression about China and become more open-minded to take on more surprising things at the coming journey of China.

Shanghai a Foreigners-friendly City

Even though you are new in shanghai, you do not need to worry about lost in shanghai because almost all of guiding board come with English subtitle. And as for commuting way in subway, you also can hear English broadcast in subway to inform you of some noting things in subway and the name of next station. And food is the least thing you need to worry about. Western food and Chinese food are all available for your choice. And both of these cuisine can be easily found in the normal streets in shanghai. Maybe checking some guiding post of food may be useful for you taste healthy and tasteful cuisines in Shanghai.

Hot Jobs in Shanghai

1. Account Manager in Shanghai

If you are passionate about advertising work why not consider Account Manager as your first career in shanghai, China. As you may know, advertising area always welcome new blood to provide a new perspectives and new outlooks in this area. So if you are qualified talents with creative mind, good writing skill and excellent communication skill, you can try to apply for this job

2. Sales Job in Shanghai

Foreign trade prospers with the development of shanghai’s economy. So there are lots of companies in shanghai earn their living in foreign trade. Expats now become more welcome between these Chinese companies as expats are more familiar with target market not matter the language or the trading policies. If selling job is your target job in shanghai, checking more companies as you can and finding which kind of product is the really interested one you want to handle and sell in your future career.  

3. Self-employed sales in shanghai

This kind of sales is similar to the sales mentioned above. Actually a large number of expats will help their friends/relatives to purchase some interesting and useful stuffs with cheap price in China and earn some profit from each purchasing action. In all, you are like a purchasing agent who helps your friends to buy something and earn profit in each order. When thinking about doing this self-employed job, you need to count the fee of oversea mail and how much profit you should earn from each order .Providing a reasonable price to your friends so you can boost your sales.