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An increasing number of expats are trying to find Jobs in shanghai as shanghai has already become an influential international city in the world not just in China. Shanghai as one the modern metropolis in the world has helped China attracted more foreign talents to settle down and work in China.

Know more about Shanghai

As shanghai has developed at a quick and impressive speed, more and more foreigners can hear more about the name of shanghai and its story. As reported, shanghai is a modern international city with strong economic power, which enhance its attraction to foreigners who want to work abroad especially for some people who are seeking for job chances in China. So what is the really shanghai like? And is it good to live and work in Shanghai? Let us find out.

Shanghai a City with Competitive Salary

As the most developed modern metropolis in China, shanghai can definitely provide qualified foreign talents competitive salary which may higher than other cities even other first-tier cities in China. The companies of shanghai not only can provide talents competitive salary, but also other benefits like the cover-more insurances, housing allowance, free travel chances and so on. As for your personal development, you can meet other professional talents in China/ outside China who gain together and work in here. Meeting more talented candidates and sharing some confusion, problem and creative ideas which definitely will help you broaden horizon, learn more to develop yourself.

Shanghai a Foreign-friendly City in China

Maybe you can know something from shanghai’s city title-international city in China and even the world. So as an international metropolis, of course, shanghai possesses many foreign-friendly public infrastructures including subways, buses, and foreigner services centers and so on. If you are in shanghai, language barrier is not a big deal as there are so many expats you can find in the street and if you need some help you can ask them. While you may have not so many chances to be lost in shanghai, as most of public infrastructures like subways have English subtitles to guide the foreigners who visit/work/live in China. And if you are really lost in shanghai, you can also ask some local vigilantes for help who already have helped many expats to find their ways.

Find Jobs in Shanghai

After reading all of these, some of you must be curious about what kind of job is most chose jobs for expats in shanghai

English teacher in shanghai

Yes, if you are qualified to be an English teacher in shanghai, this kind of teaching job is definitely the worth choosing job for you to settle down in Shanghai. English teachers are always the most wanted talents in shanghai even whole China. Due to the reason that the need of English teachers always surpasses the supply, hiring parties are trying their best to search for suitable talents by increasing the salary of English teachers / using headhunting service of agencies. As I have observed some job of teaching job, if you are the quailed talent and get the offer, you can get high salary/free insurance/ free accommodation/ free flight for home leave/ free lunch and maybe other benefits.