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    Learn Mandarin When Teaching in China

    The most significant obstacle preventing us from working and living abroad is the language barrier; yet, the quickest and most effective method to acquire a language is to go to the country in which it is spoken and immerse oneself in the culture of that country.

    Therefore, how should one go about learning Mandarin if they want to teach English in China?

    Talk to your own mind.

    There are instances when the most significant barrier to learning a new language is neither the difficulty of the language itself or the learner's capacity to acquire it; rather, it is the inability to choose where to begin learning the language. Why don't you attempt to begin by having a conversation with yourself in Chinese? for example,

    "Good morning, everyone. "Hello, how are you?

    "That's fantastic, and how are you doing?"

    "Outstanding, and many thanks."


    "What are your plans for the next weekend?"

    "No, but would you be interested in going trekking with me?"

    "Alright, I'm sold on this idea!"

    Talking to oneself when you are not in the privacy of your own home comes off as odd, and it may even lead others to suspect that you have a mental illness. A suggestion is to pick up your phone and pretend you are conversing with a Chinese buddy so as to avoid humiliation.

    Regular exercise is essential

    Make sure you practice Chinese every day, no matter what form it is or where you are. A well-known proverb that states, "Practice makes perfect." You may study at the public library for many hours or merely learn some Chinese words on the metro.

    Immerse Yourself

    If you are fortunate enough to teach English in a large Chinese metropolis, you may not need to study Chinese precisely as most individuals you encounter can converse to you in English. If you want to study Chinese, you must first get rid of the habit of intentionally speaking English. Try to immerse yourself in learning Chinese in everyday life, such reading Chinese children's books (don’t feel ashamed, no one cares what you’re reading), watching Chinese movies (typically with English subtitles), or learning to sing some easy Chinese songs.

    Think in Chinese

    When you have mastered some fundamental understanding of Mandarin, attempting to utilize Chinese to think about some easy questions, such as, "What do I have for lunch today? —- Hamburger and veggie salad". You may even consider about the perfect tone while uttering these Chinese words.

    Be Unyielding to Yourself in Your Standards

    You need to have a determined mindset if you want to become fluent in a new language. The process of learning Chinese is challenging, and the most important thing you can do is to never give up. For instance, you may recognize a Chinese character while riding the subway, but you may not be able to recall how to pronounce it or what it means. Instead of quickly telling yourself, "Forget it, buddy," try spending a few moments looking up the word in a dictionary.

    Have faith in yourself; your command of Mandarin will improve as a result of your time spent teaching English in China. You will soon be able to communicate successfully in Chinese if you practice often and do not give up on learning the language.