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    Making Resumes for Your Teaching Job in China

    "You want to teach in China, but how can you stand out from the other applicants? What follows are five suggestions for making a favorable impression on a potential employer.

    As the Chinese economy has rapidly expanded and English has become a global language, more and more Chinese parents are sending their children to language schools or private language centers to learn English in the hopes that it will give them a leg up from the "starting line" and better opportunities in life. As is well-known, China has the biggest ESL market in the world, and the need for English instructors is growing each year. This bodes well for ESL teachers looking to find work in China. Some businesses compete for native English speakers from abroad or non-native speakers with a similar level of English by offering more lucrative contracts than their rivals.

    Though ESL instructors are in a better position to find work than they have in the past, competition for excellent jobs will always be higher than we anticipate. How can you differentiate yourself from the other applicants for your dream job?

    Make sure your résumé is in top shape first.


    On a CV, experience is the most valuable recommendation for a candidate's skills. Rather of relying on your modestly boastful self-description, hiring managers will look at your relevant job experience in education. Of course, classroom experience is a plus, but other skillsets, such as problem-solving, time management, and communication, may also help you succeed in the classroom.


    You need a bachelor's degree in any field before applying for a legal visa (Z-VISA) to work in China. You need a bachelor's degree to apply, and further certifications in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL, TEFL, etc.) are highly desirable. Having a diploma or more in school may provide you an edge in the job market, even if it's not needed by every employer. If you need instruction in English but cannot commit to classes at a certain location and time, taking classes through the Internet is your best bet.


    Skills are more valuable than credentials when applying for a job. Keep your most relevant work experience towards the top of your resume, since this is typically the deciding factor in whether or not a potential employer will continue reading your application. Don't be timid about emphasizing your best qualities; instead, exude self-assurance and let the interviewer understand your worth.

    (You shouldn't go through a list of your flaws, even if you think that doing so would show that you have a healthy dose of self-awareness. (Since nobody's flawless.) The idea is that if a potential employer is concerned that one of your flaws would prevent you from doing the job successfully, you almost certainly won't get hired.


    Your English teaching credentials will be called into question if a potential employer notices spelling and grammar mistakes on your CV and cover letter. Limit your use of jargon and intricate language patterns that are ripe for typos. Since it's tough to see one's own blunders, asking for a friend or family member's help is a good alternative.


    Do not feel like you have to list every single thing you have ever done because you are applying for a teaching position; instead, focus on acquiring relevant professional experience.


    It's an odd concept, but bear with me; it's crucial! Make sure everything is legible, from the font choice to the size of the text, and the overall arrangement. Following these guidelines can help potential employers rapidly skim your resume. I doubt that anybody will bother to go through a CV that is both disorganized and too long.

    A simple online resume is nothing to copy and paste.

    It's good to look at several internet resume samples to get a sense of the classification and structure, but you shouldn't blindly repeat what someone else has done. Just as you're an individual, your resume must also be personalized. Stop trying to imitate everyone else and just be yourself! Exhibit your best qualities and prove your worth to potential employers. Believe in yourself; you can succeed.