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    Moving to China Checklist

    Think about transferring to China this year? While finding a task is a time-consuming and fundamental part, loading your things can be even harder. In fact, China is really unlike Western countries. There are particular things you just won't discover at regional stores.

    And these are basics, like health products or pieces of clothing. Those, who have actually currently traveled here, understand the differences.

    If it's to be your first time, then our list is a total must-read before moving to China.

    Understanding what to bring with you and what to prevent, may conserve you lots of time and make the moving less difficult, which is important.

    Are you ready to learn what to load for a journey?

    What to Bring when Relocating To China for a year


    What?! And not just for the first couple of weeks, we suggest loading a whole year's supply of these in your luggage!

    The important thing is it's one of the traveling fundamentals that are not to be found in the nation.

    Opportunities are you may not buy it even in huge cities. Seriously!

    The Chinese people do sweat, but they do not have a strong odor due to hereditary peculiarities.

    Plus, sweating is not socially awkward here-- individuals believe it's a natural process, helpful for skin and body immune system.

    There is just about 10% of the population, thinking about this kind of item and you will be among these.

    Loads of Toilet Paper or Tissues

    They sell it in Chinese shops, no worries! Why is it on the list of things to bring when traveling to China?

    The problem is, there is a scarcity of toilet paper in public locations. In rural areas, they won't even offer it.

    Everybody has to carry some paper tissues or a toilet paper roll with them all the time! Plus, it comes in handy in trains and throughout trips, due to the fact that you never ever know ...

    Prepare beforehand by stocking a few unfinished rolls of paper while still in your home nation.

    Or you might simply purchase some travel toilet paper.


    Toilets and public transportation are the kind of locations, where sanitizer is needed very typically.

    You might wish to clean your toilet seat prior to using it. Or apply some on your hands prior to lunch.

    This makes it among the extremely important taking a trip products.

    We encourage to take a few bottles, because you'll require this a lot and may not have time to discover some at local shops.

    Lots of instructors state they utilize sanitizer throughout the day since there are a lot of individuals around and method a lot of contacts.

    Handrails and doors in some cases feel sticky or unpleasant. Specifically in summer.

    Attention! Go with non-alcohol items, otherwise, border officers might confiscate them (e.g. in Guangzhou).

    Urination Device (for Ladies).

    We are back to the toilets again. Another thing to understand when taking a trip to China is that much of the standard ones don't have a seat. It's basically a hole in the ground.

    While a lot of guys don't care, it might feel strange for Western ladies.

    If you don't have the habit of squat peeing or merely don't enjoy it, think about a urination device.

    It'll let you do your thing quicker and without needing to sit down or squat.

    It's cheap and there are great deals of them to purchase on Aliexpress or Amazon. Anyway, put it on your traveling checklist.

    Tampons (for Ladies).

    Just like antiperspirants, tampons are not quickly discovered in shops here. Purchase a few packs of your preferred ones prior to relocating to China.

    Many foreign ladies residing in China complain about tampons because they are not just rare however smaller in size.

    Plus, there are not many brands available.

    Local females prefer pads. They believe tampons might be invasive and hazardous; numerous stores simply do not offer these.

    If it's something you can't live without, put them on your list prior to taking a trip to China.


    Your passport is CRITICAL while in China.

    You need it, along with your visa in order to register with the regional police, who will regularly check your home to ensure no additional residents are living there.

    You will likewise need a chauffeur's license or official ID to open your Chinese savings account.

    A few of the Chinese banks have relationships with banks in other nations.

    If possible, try to open an account with among those banks to conserve money on bank charges.

    Mineral water.

    We will not encourage you to put it on your packaging list for moving, due to the fact that it's useless.

    You can't take a bottle on an airplane, however remember to purchase some quality filtered water upon arrival.

    Drinking and even washing your mouth with faucet water might cause diarrhea or minor troubles. Chinese water is of low quality.

    Don't buy any cheap bottled liquid either, because it won't assist.

    Another of the basic pointers for taking a trip to China: don't swallow water while showering and utilize bottled one for brushing your teeth.

    Insect Repellent Spray or Wristband.

    Considering that the area is rather damp and temperatures are high, there are numerous mosquitos.

    If you are taking a trip to China in spring or summertime, don't forget to put a tube of repellent in your travel luggage.

    You might also purchase colorful wristbands if you don't have time to use cream or spray every early morning.

    According to evaluations, these are as efficient as the latter, but won't leak in the luggage or trigger allergy.


    Sockets in China are different from European or American ones, so a converter would be an excellent concept if you are taking a laptop computer, a smart device or any other devices with you.

    Adaptors are to be discovered in local stores, however bringing one in your bag is useful.

    Put it on your trip list. It will conserve you extra hours of searching for a shop and worthless expenditures, as these things tend to be more pricey there.

    Plus we do not constantly have time for shopping on the day of arrival?