Other Expat Jobs In China

The country of China is much too large and diverse to be adequately described in a single article; nevertheless, this one does present some examples of the many types of job that are accessible.

The Music Business

One of China's most rapidly expanding industries is the entertainment sector. A short time ago, this was only seen in major urban centers. However, even even smaller places are getting in on the action, expanding the range of possibilities for musicians. Getting work in the music business is similar to finding work in any other area in that experience is essential. Others who have already found success as a singer or DJ in their home countries might charge higher fees and get more possibilities to play internationally than those who are just starting out in China. A qualified DJ, for instance, may rake in thousands, if not tens of thousands, of RMB over the course of a single weekend. On the other hand, "passionate amateurs" may earn a few hundred dollars in the same time frame.

Acting & Modeling

Much of the available modeling and acting jobs is, like the music business, fairly informal. Jobs are often part-time, compensated in cash, and limited in duration to a single day, afternoon, or evening. Like in the music industry, credibility and expertise are crucial. Experience in the West and a solid reputation may help you get a considerably better income and even a visa for work, although this is often only the case for permanent positions. You may find work on expat websites and even in bars sometimes. Locating them directly, however, is more challenging than finding musicians. Salary ranges from a few hundred RMB to several thousand RMB per day, with beginners and inexperienced workers earning the least. Professionals with years of expertise might make thousands every year. Scouts will frequently hang around in locations with high concentrations of non-native speakers, such as college campuses, in search of potential models or voice actors.

However, despite the apparent measures of talent and country, there are evident limits in these two sectors. Naturally, the first is the body itself. Many modeling agencies have certain standards for its models, including minimum height, weight, and face features. Speaking Chinese is also very desirable for actors since many parts are written only in Chinese.

Instruction in Languages Other Than English

While the aforementioned opportunities are generally accessible to expats of any nationality and teaching positions are often targeted at native English speakers, this one is not. There is a rising need for linguistic competence as a result of the increasing number of international businesses and students traveling to China, as well as the growing number of Chinese business people and students traveling abroad. The English language is the clear frontrunner in this sector. However, English isn't always the language of choice, since there are expats of many various countries working here in China and Chinese corporations conducting business with enterprises throughout the world. Workers in China typically require a broader range of linguistic skills, and not all students who want to study abroad want to do so in English-speaking countries.

Opportunities are scarcer than they would be for English speakers because of the significantly lower demand. Some full-time positions may be available for native Russian, Spanish, or German speakers, but most of the available work will likely be freelance or part-time. One potential upside is that hourly wages may be rather high. This is not the simplest profession to find, especially given the restricted availability. Fewer advertisements are available. Advertisements from firms looking to hire instructors may be found on expat and job websites. However, many internationals in search of such employment post their resumes online or on bulletin boards at local watering holes, particularly those situated in or near academic institutions.

Although teaching positions are often available and pay well, there are many other opportunities available to individuals who are diligent in their search.

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