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We should agree, that there are no such jobs are exclusively for a certain nationality. Russian jobs means jobs for Russian speaking people. However, jobs in China for foreigners are contingent upon your work experience, education, and training. There are some job opportunities that any Russian or western national can land with less effort than the populations of some other countries.

Russian jobs in China

There are many russians working in China, they are engaged in various industries, such as BD, marketing, engineering, management.But most people are models and teachers. Because of Chinese believe that foreign teachers can make their children more fully exposed to English, even if you are a Russian - not a native English speaker, you have a foreign face, you can get a foreign teacher's job. I don't know if it's good or bad, but a lot of russians teach English in China.There are a lot of other people who are modeling, as we'll talk about below.

Russian Model jobs

Because of the recession at home, a large number of young Russian girls and boys have been recommended by their agents to drop out of school to work abroad, often to China.Russia abounds handsome boy beauty, the model in China, the handsome boy beauty of Russia also occupied majority, what everybody CARES most still is salary, hour salary has 2000 yuan about, no problem of everyday can take 10 thousand yuan.The average monthly salary in Moscow is only 7,500 yuan, which is almost astronomical.

But in China, a foreign face is enough to sell. Air tickets, accommodation, food and clothing cost only half as much as in Europe.

Russian China Visa

A Guangzhou-based model agent says there is a big demand for foreign models in China, but competition is fierce. Most of the models did not have work visas, some were overseas students studying in China, some were working on tourist visas.They have few local friends and do not interact with local residents.

In order to manage the problem of foreign models' illegal work, relevant departments are also formulating countermeasures. In the first half of 2017, the "work permit system for foreigners to come to China" was implemented, one of the important purposes of which is to provide protection for foreign workers in terms of procedures.

Russian translation jobs

How much is the general salary of Russian translators, Russian translation jobs? How much is the general salary of Russian sales?

The pay rate for Russian translators are not very high. It depends on location, business direction, responsibility and individual ability. But if you find a full time Russian translation job in China you can apply for a work visa and residence permit in China. This is better than teach English here illegally. The recruitment channel of ganji.com calculated the average salary of Russian translators from 20 job information of Beijing Russian translation andprovided the most complete information for the majority of netizens.

Job description: Responsible for interpretation work during project management.Participate in meetings and business activities as required.

Responsible for translation; Management and external liaison.

Responsible for translation work during project management.Project contract translation;Collect and organize projects

Project information materials, write all kinds of Russian language letters.

Responsible for daily communication and coordination.