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“Salse jobs China” is one of the top Google searches although this one comes with wrong typing but still own a big volume of traffic on Google. The big traffic volume of “Salse jobs China” also shows that more and more expats prefers to seek for sales job in China. Yes the “Salse jobs China” is promising job no matter for local Chinese or expats.

Prosperous Development of Sales Job Market in China

Since China carries out the reform and opening up policy in 1978, the foreign trade has experienced a rapid growth in China and boosts China economy growth, which is also contribute to help China become the second largest economy in the world. Foreign trade industry in China is now really popular and this industry provides a huge hiring need for both Chinese and expats. In past, this industry mainly relies on Chinese employees to open its oversea market and boost sales. Now thing has changed as more and more recruiters realize that foreign expats are also needed in this industry as they are more familiar with oversea market and can provide new marketing strategies.

Find your Salse jobs China in different types of sales jobs

Actually, there are also different types of sales jobs in China including traditional sales in China; oversea sales and sales of cross-border electronic commerce.

Traditional Salse Job in China

This kind of sales job is the traditional sales job as you know before at your home country. There also exists a large number of expats who have started up their own trade business and cooperate with Chinese trading companies. So as you can see, Chinese recruiters now prefer to hire foreign sales talents to help them do business with these foreign customers with a thinking that foreign employees may know more about their target customers and can have more smooth and effective negotiation with customers to keep longer cooperation.

Oversea Salse Job in China

Oversea sales jobs info is now frequently showing in lots of job websites as you can guess how popular and urgent needed of this job. This kind of job is not so many different from the traditional sales. If you work as an oversea sale for Chinese company, you only need to work in the target country but not in China. And normally you need to make a sales plan and weekly report to your boss in China. The weekly report should show your work progress, the achievement of your sales job, the difficulties you meet and relative solution put forward. And if you need any help, do not hesitate to ask for help from your boss.

Salse of Cross-border Electronic Commerce in China

Cross-border electronic commerce is new kind of sales industry emerging in recent years. In past, people do cross-border trade through phone call now Chinese salesmen has put forward new and useful way to do cross-border trade. Chinese businessmen hire lots of employees to open a large number of stores on Amazon and upload a bunch of products on Amazon in competitive price to boost sales. Now these companies are welling to hire expats who are more familiar with Amazon and can write more native advertising text of products.