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 In shanghai, you can see the harmonious integration of Chinese and western, which may be one of reason why shanghai becomes a popular city between expats.

Live a new life in Charming shanghai

Let us find out why shanghai is so attractive to expats. Shanghai, as the most cosmopolitan city in China, provides the most convenient and friendly living environment for expats in China. There are lots of shanghai companies specialized in providing basic services for expats in Shanghai. Some companies provide visa relative service for expats; some are focusing to help expats study in China; some are running some websites to guide expats’ life in Shanghai. In a word, shanghai is a really convenient city for expats to live and work.

Due to some history reason, shanghai is a special city combining Chinese with western, which is also the reason why expats like to live and work in shanghai. In shanghai, you do not have to worry about the food question, as there are so many western restaurants always waiting for you to taste their specialty. And if you like to taste Chinese cuisine, excellent, there are so many Chinese foods wait for your tasting.

Popular Jobs in Shanghai

Most of people can’t wait to see what kinds of shanghai jobs are open to expats and let us find out.

1、English Teaching Job in Shanghai

You must already know what kind of job is the most popular and most needed in Shanghai. Yes, it is English Teaching Job. While in this year, the requirements of being English teachers in shanghai has become stricter that only native English speakers can meet the basic requirement to be English teachers. Besides this, qualified candidates also should be Bachelor Degree holders with 2 Years of Working Experience. In addition, relative teaching certificates are also needed for candidates who want to be English teacher in shanghai.

2、Sales in Shanghai

Sales job is also the urgent needed job in shanghai as there are so many foreign trade companies want to open their oversea market even different types of companies like pharmaceutical companies also have their plans to open oversea market for further development. So as you can foresee that there exists a great hiring need for sales talents. Moreover, if you are experience sales with good sales record before, you will be preferred by shanghai’s recruiters.

3、Assistant Lawyer in Shanghai

As a prosperous city, shanghai also owns many law offices which handle more and more legal services for expats in recent years. As for the increasing works of legal services for expats, these offices also have the hiring need for some foreign law students to help to handle these professional works. And as for this kind of job, suitable foreign talents can get well payment with more chances of promotion.

4、Client Manager in shanghai

Besides local Chinese do business in shanghai, there exists a large number of expats starting up their own business in shanghai. So more and more Chinese companies have cooperation with these starting up foreign corporations, which increase a new hiring need from Chinese companies for expats in shanghai to handle these cooperation works. This kind of job named Client Manager who needs to receive foreign customers to negotiate business and maintain a long cooperation relationship.