TEFL Certification in China

You probably already have some familiarity with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certifications, regardless of whether you are just starting out in the field or have been doing it for years. The benefits of obtaining your TEFL certification in China versus than in your home country before coming to China are something that you may not be aware of.

Why You Should Obtain a TEFL Certification in China

TEFL certifications obtained from locations outside of China are need to be validated (notarized, authenticated by your local Secretary of State, or the equivalent office if not in the US, and then legalized by the Chinese embassy). It is necessary to complete this step before traveling to China, and the procedure involved is subject to the same rigorous bureaucratic regulations as every other paperwork needed for the visa application process. This requires a significant investment of time and money, most likely at least $150 USD, as well as a great deal of patience.

A TEFL certification that was obtained through an official Chinese TEFL school, on the other hand, does not need any further verification and is, as a result, the ideal choice if you are already in China and/or are in a rush to get it.

Which TEFL Should You Get to Get Certified?

The most common kinds of TEFL credentials are the 60-hour certification and the 120-hour certification. Both of these may be completed in a very short amount of time. In China, ten years ago, a TEFL certification of sixty hours held a certain amount of weight. Having said that, given the current state of laws around visas and permits, the 60-hour TEFL is virtually useless. According to my investigations, every institution or municipality that calls for a TEFL certification will call for a 120-hour training program to be completed.

You might also locate alternative, shorter TEFL courses, such as weekend programs lasting 20 hours. These classes, despite their lower cost and the possibility that they provide a solid grounding in the teaching of English to speakers of other languages, do not fulfill the criteria for a work visa in China.

There Is More to It Than Just the Documents

Taking the TELF qualification in China itself proved to be quite beneficial in my opinion, despite the fact that many teachers from other countries may view the TEFL certification process as nothing more than a formality or a required step on the way to obtaining a teaching position in China that pays well. You may be sure that, as a first-time visitor to China, you will acquire a significant amount of knowledge about the teaching of English in China as well as the education and culture of China in general. As someone who had been teaching for a while but needed to retool for China's latest regulations, I found that the professionalism of the instructors and the depth of the course content reignited my desire to be a great educator. In addition, I found that the instructors were able to answer any questions that I had.

Of course, if there is a particular school or city that you are interested in working in, you should contact that location first and find out precisely what requirements they have in place. They should have a connection with a recognized Chinese TEFL program and be able to guide you in the correct place. It is probable that they will have such a relationship. It shouldn't be too tough to be hired by them if they are a respectable institution and they wish to employ you.

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