Teach in Public Schools in China

Other options include teaching languages in public schools or working as a teacher in a language school for adults. If you are an English teacher, it is your obligation to assist students in increasing their communication and fluency, as well as their capacity to regularly listen to, read, and write in the English language, as well as their overall academic performance. The classes will be concentrated on a certain language that you will have the chance to learn throughout the duration of the session, despite the fact that you are free to construct your own activities and games during the session.

It is important to note that there are several variations between public school English language instruction and private classroom ESL training; they are as follows:

Classes often include between 20 to 60 students in total, according to industry standards. The average age is between 35 and 40 years old, depending on the country. Several public schools make use of a classroom with a foreign instructor to transmit two courses at the same time to their students.

If you have a limited number of desks and chairs accessible to you, you may arrange them in single or double rows, depending on the size of the desks and seats you have. Alternative seating arrangements are unusual at the university since it does not have an English-language classroom.

It varies depending on the scenario whether or not contact is possible with the students' other English instructors, the Chinese academics. I have found the bulk of my experiences with Chinese English teachers to be positive, in spite of the fact that only a tiny proportion of these instructors are competent in the language.

However, it is not always the case that a Chinese teaching assistant will be present in your classroom to help with instructions and activities, as well as classroom management and translation into Chinese.

This course does not evaluate or assess the engagement and performance of students in class, and they are not expected to do so. Foreign teachers are not obligated to provide written assignments or provide classroom evaluations, although they are encouraged to do so. When marking a big number of papers, some schools may not allow you to create hundreds of photocopies, which is something you should take into consideration.

Teacher hours are reduced in comparison to those of private school instructors, and more time is spent away from the classroom. In order to fulfill your teaching responsibilities, you will be needed to teach between 12 and 15 hours per week during your working week. Depending on your schedule, the remaining of your working hours are usually spent to lesson preparation or, if required, delivering feedback to your students over the course of your day. Because of this, students will be unable to attend school between January and February, as well as from July to September, depending on when the school system shuts for the year. Traveling to China or other regions of Asia to explore the sights during your spare time in between courses may be something you want to do during your leisure time.

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