Teacher Jobs in Guangzhou

Guangzhou (or Canton, as it is commonly known) is the provincial capital and the economic, political, intellectual, and scientific center of the province. It is located in the province of Guangdong. Because of its near vicinity to Hong Kong, this fast-growing city is one of the top three destinations to teach English in China due to its excellent city life and its close proximity to Hong Kong. Teaching employment in Guangzhou are very highly compensated, and the cost of living is far cheaper than in Shanghai or Beijing, making this an excellent destination for new university graduates who wish to save a significant amount of money in order to pay off their student debts.

Things to do while teaching English in Guangzhou include the following:

Spend some time in the great outdoors

As the "city of flowers," Guangzhou has been dubbed "the most beautiful city in China" by people who work as English language teachers in the city. The subtropical environment allows for the blossoming of flowers throughout the year as well as very good living circumstances. Many English teachers in Guangzhou like getting out of the city for a day of relaxation at White Cloud Mountain, which is located about an hour outside of the city. Relax and take in the scenery, which includes white ethereal clouds and a 'pearl sea,' as many locals refer to it. After a hard day at work, taking a walk along the river or visiting the Yuntai Garden is a wonderful way to unwind and unwind.

Learn about the past

Travel to the Guangzhou Museum, which has the Zenhai Tower, which dates back to the 1300s and was used as a sea watch tower at one point, and the Art Gallery to help you get more acclimated to living in Guangzhou. You'll obtain a thorough grasp of the different dynasties that governed China throughout your time here. Many of the works at the Art Gallery depict cultural relics and handicrafts from the late 1800s, such as those from the period of the Silk Road, which are on display. Many English teachers in Guangzhou believe that museums give valuable and in-depth knowledge that helps them better understand Chinese culture and adjust to life in the country more quickly and effectively.

Eat at a Restaurant!

Take pleasure in the greatest Dim Sum in the world! It is well known that "every delectable meals may be found in Guangzhou." Cantonese cuisine employs a limited amount of spice and sauce in order to preserve the natural taste of the meal. Because presentation is an important component of the cooking process, this kind of cuisine is also noted for being highly aesthetically beautiful. Shangxia Jiu Lu is a popular destination for those looking for a dynamic and well-frequented environment.

Become a member of the expat community

In general, many English teachers in Guangzhou are adamant about not wanting to leave! When compared to Shenghai and Beijing, the expat community is more tightly knit. With groups such as Internations and the Guangzhou International Women's Club, which host activities and trips on a regular basis, it is simple to discover the ideal community for you to belong to!

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