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    Teaching English In China Online Salary

    The fastest-growing trend in ESL professions in China has been online English instruction for Chinese students. Due to the widespread spread of COVID-19, its fame has surged. Why? Because working remotely as an English teacher is not just flexible, interesting, and financially gratifying. As it becomes more challenging to travel internationally, remote teaching opportunities are in high demand.

    Just what does an online English teacher need?

    The most fundamental needs are:

    Validation of your pedagogical competence with a 120-hour TEFL Certificate (this is a must for China, specifically)

    A Skype or Zoom account,

    With a top-notch network connection and

    The willingness to think (and teach) outside the box

    Invest in a nice headset/speaker and allocate an entire room in your house to your virtual school. The more compact, the better. Examine the door's closure mechanism to guarantee its functionality. This will enable you to conduct your classes with little disruptions and maximize productivity.

    In addition, you should have excellent English language skills. And, you guessed it, you're the kind of person that makes friends easily. In an online classroom, the instructor must make up for the absence of "enthusiastic energy" that students could experience in a face-to-face setting by creating an upbeat and interesting environment.

    Can I teach English online without a college degree?

    The simple response is “NO, YOU DON'T!”

    The longer answer is "no, you don't need one," yet the highest-paying online teaching positions in China do go to instructors with Bachelor Degrees.

    While it is possible to teach online without a degree, having one will make your job search more simpler and likely result in a higher paying position.

    Remember how we said earlier that how much money you make depends on your skills?

    In THAT case, the qualification is having a degree.

    How much can you make teaching English online?

    The hourly rate of pay for teachers varies widely depending on factors such as education level and years of experience, but typically ranges from US$12 to US$30.

    The good news is that all legitimate online teaching agencies reward instructors who maintain a perfect 5-star rating from their students with better salary and other perks. By teaching English online, you may be paid well for your time.

    One thing to keep in mind is that the typical pricing for online English tutoring from many of the best companies is about USD $12-15 per hour. Outside of class time, your participation may be minimal, but they do provide a lot of teaching materials and an outline of the course. This means you can fit more courses into your calendar and more classes equal more cash.

    Time is of the essence while deciding on your ideal Chinese internet employment, so keep this in mind. A job that pays a bit more per hour but needs a lot of prior work on your side may not be worth it compared to one that pays less but requires little to no work ahead of time.