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    Teaching English In Summer Vacation In China

    Teaching English in China over the summer is an excellent option for those who do not want to remain in China for an extended period of time but who are interested in having new experiences in this captivating eastern nation. (A trip to China is included as part of the incentive.) In addition, I'd want to tell you about my experience working as a teacher in Shanghai, China, over the summer of 2017, in the hopes that it would serve as a reference for you.

    Avoid getting lost

    Before I left for my trip, the Chinese firm I worked for provided assistance in obtaining a visa, as well as transportation to and from the airport and accommodations throughout my stay.

    In addition, I discovered the importance of bringing insect repellent by inquiring with an experienced instructor. Shanghai has a hot summer, and it is possible to encounter "little critters" in your flat, such as mosquitoes and cockroaches, therefore it is important to bring insect repellant with you.

    Things to wear (What You Should Put In Your Suitcase Before Coming To China)

    In addition to the summer clothing you wear on a regular basis, you should inquire about whether or not you are required to wear a uniform at work. When I was packing to leave China, I forgot to remove the several suits that I had been packing away in my bag.

    All of the workers here are required to wear corporate uniforms, which include our firm's emblem.


    The majority of the time, the completion of your labor will be rewarded with some kind of benefit. Because of this, before to receiving the income, you are going to need to have enough money saved up to maintain yourself during your time in China. In Shanghai, for instance, my daily expenses amounted to around $15 on average. However, in some of China's more rural and less populous cities, $8 is plenty to fulfill your day-to-day needs.


    As Chinese washing machines do not often include a drying function, it is essential to bring along a variety of hangers. There are a number of laundries that provide professional laundry services, and you may use them if you need to dry your clothing on days when it's raining (washing-drying-ironing).


    In Shanghai, rip-offs involving tea are fairly widespread. During the summer before last, I had to shell out close to four hundred and fifty RMB in order to partake in the allegedly "genuine" tea culture. So be cautious.


    Lunch can often be had for less than fifty RMB if you go to one of the numerous local eateries that provide meals of a very high quality and that cost less than fifty RMB. If you are unable to read the Chinese menu, you may choose your meals by looking at the accompanying photographs instead.


    Following my arrival at the airport, the firm for which I worked sent employees to pick me up at the airport.

    In Shanghai, I spend the most of my time getting about by either the metro or the bus. If you plan on traveling by rail or high-speed train, you will need to have your passport with you in order to purchase a ticket.

    (Note that when some taxi drivers hear your destination, they will politely but immediately refuse to take you there since it is either too near or too far away from where they are.) The only thing left for you to do is either wait for the next cab or choose an other mode of transportation.