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    Teaching English at University in Shanghai

    I'm thrilled about the chance to study at NYU Shanghai. Given that our institution is novel, the phrase "that's how it's done" is of no relevance. During our startup phase, both students and faculty are receptive to new ideas and approaches.

    Being adaptable has been crucial to my career success. I have spoken on the topic of how to best collaborate with writers who speak more than one language at both NYU Shanghai and New York City, where I was the first applied linguist/TESL Ph.D. to be hired by the writing department. I've also been asked to design and teach three brand new courses for NYU Shanghai: a graduate seminar on professional writing in social work; a humanities core course on the diversity and innovation of English throughout the world; and a brand new introduction to linguistics course.

    Second, my students are the best. These students participate enthusiastically in group projects and class discussions. A bad meeting is forgotten as soon as I enter the classroom and interact with the kids. They are more receptive to new information and perspectives than other children because of their eagerness.

    Many of the students in my Language, Identity, and World Englishes class probably won't agree with me when I say that there is more than one English and that American and British English aren't the only acceptable varieties. They're not afraid to question the merits and limitations of the ideas I'm teaching and provide other perspectives. This makes me happy since I get to widen my perspective on research as a whole, which is my job.

    Their infectious energy and commitment to excellence have opened up new opportunities for me in my career. Three Chinese students and I are writing a paper together on the use of imaginative language in contemporary Chinese-language short stories written in English. Their drive to learn allowed them to achieve their goals.

    Human Consumption

    Finally, working in China is a dream of mine. There are setbacks and issues, but on the whole, it's a great adventure. The food is very wonderful. Enjoying a bowl of hot Lamian () for breakfast, a plate of freshly prepared Shandong Jian Bing for lunch, and a Huo Guo party with urban friends is a delicious way to finish a busy work week. Furthermore, I've seen people's openness to dialogue.

    Learning even a little amount of Chinese can allow you to make more friends. It seems as if most people are happy to strike up conversations on the way to work or while waiting for Xiang Su Ji Liu () to finish cooking.

    Difficulties in English-language Education in China

    Wedlock Abroad

    But there are still problems. The biggest in my family is my foreign marriage. My husband's family is originally from Chongqing. We first crossed paths when both of us were pursuing advanced degrees in academia. Once we were done with school, we switched countries. They spend all year in the United States, while I spend just nine.

    I'm privileged to enjoy regular, long trips home. Every time I go for work, I feel gloomy at the airport. I feel terrible that I missed out on so much of their childhood. We both realize that I need work experience abroad in order to advance in my current U.S. position. My spouse can't get a higher paying job in China without work experience in the United States.


    Issues with communication due to language barriers also exist. My native tongue is Mandarin Chinese. When I need to talk to my friends or the people that help me, I can do it in a charming way. I am free to laugh about work and other topics. Working in a second language is very taxing; there are days when I just can't Chinese.

    No matter how much money or food I throw at the problem, I still can't string together Chinese words. While hiding out in my apartment and watching American television, I'll place an app-based food order.

    Emotional demands, sweltering summers

    The experience of living abroad might take a toll on your mental health. I almost gave up after the first week. I'm big and the summers in Shanghai are brutal. The humidity level is rather high at the moment. Unfortunately, I failed to bring my deodorant with me to Shanghai.

    Supermarkets and shopping centers are unusual sights in China, at least where I traveled. The deodorant cabinet was empty. The deodorant/antiperspirant word was foreign to me. This resulted in a seven-hour search for a suitable deodorant around the metropolis. Commonly, I'd get a curt nod in response. Otherwise, I would be required to record my search in writing.

    A worker there enquired as to my plans for the item. Not knowing what to say, I enacted putting on deodorant. I got the "horns" from her. She couldn't believe a fat American would want Febreeze in the middle of July. Feeling down, I rode the subway home. In any case, nobody warned me that the Line 2 of the Shanghai Metro becomes so... crazy at rush hour. It's the tightest quarters I've ever been in.

    Following this, I retired to my hotel room, got into bed, and slept well for the rest of the night. After then, I realized I was unable to proceed. The culture shock in China was fatal for me. Leaving the country was out of the question. Weep and continue on your way.

    Just in time for my next appointment, I forced myself to go out and buy deodorant. That which I do for a living is something I really like. I'm fortunate to work with bright young minds in a school that's open to trying new approaches. I can't get everything done that I want to because of how busy my school is. Do not hesitate to visit Shanghai if it is on your itinerary. It's definitely worthwhile.