Teaching English in Shenzen

Shenzhen is a terrific city for expats. It's up to you whether you want to make the most of it or keep it as genuine as possible. I speak from experience. Shenzhen, a tier 1 city, makes it simple to get whatever you need, from Western cuisine to king-sized bedding, to assist smooth the adjustment for new instructors. Things to do abound in New York City, from networking events and sports clubs to social events centered on different hobbies.

If you're searching for a cheap ticket throughout Asia, Hong Kong's closeness to the city makes it an ideal weekend getaway. As a last point, you can't speak about China without mentioning the air. Shenzhen boasts some of the finest air in the nation, and its proximity to the water guarantees that there is enough of wind to dislodge the sludge off the city's streets.

Shenzhen Intended for the City

When Shenzhen was only 30 years old, it was still a little town on the banks of the bay that separated Hong Kong and mainland China. There are now more amenities and better quality of life for expats in the city than in either Beijing or Shanghai. Shenzhen was designated as a Special Economic Zone in 1980, which means that the government has less influence over the city's economy and lifestyle. One hour's drive from Hong Kong, Guangzhou (another Tier 1 city) is all it takes to get there.

There is no lack of employment in Shenzhen for anyone wishing to teach in China, thanks to the city's population of about 20 million. In addition, since Shenzhen is a Tier 1 city, you may anticipate to earn a better salary with advantages such as housing included. Teachers may run across other foreigners outside of the classroom due to the city's allure. The majority of expats live in the Shekou region, however that is gradually changing as the Futian (financial) district grows in popularity.

Shenzhen's culture is hard to come by since the vast majority of the city's residents haven't lived in the city for at least 30 years. You won't be able to uncover any type of cultural thread that connects the city's population since the city is always evolving.

Teachers in Shenzhen have many of options for going out at night, both in the city's Western and Chinese nightlife scenes. There is something for everyone, from the one-off Chinese clubs to the ever-expensive.

If you live in Shenzhen, you can't expect to experience a true four-season climate, since the city is very hot and humid. This year, you'll have to wear a shorts-sleeve shirt for Christmas dinner because of 90 percent humidity.

Living Costs

It's not possible to come to Shenzhen and teach for pennies on the dollar. Depending on your spending patterns, you may find yourself having to earn as much money in Shenzhen as you did back home. A lot of individuals do save money in this country, but it requires discipline to avoid eating, drinking, and living like Westerners. In order to make the argument clear, here are a few numbers:

Cost of living in a normal apartment: 1000-1500 RMB/month per room

The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Beijing is between $2,500 and $4,500.

Cost of an average Western meal: 90 RMB

RMB 30 for a typical Chinese lunch

RMB 50-80 for imported beer at a bar

10 RMB for a can of Chinese beer at a convenience shop.

Is Shenzhen a Good Fit for Your Teaching Career?

Shenzhen is a great place to teach if you love the convenience of being in the city and being able to get whatever you need. Despite the fact that it is tough to save money when you live like a Westerner, incomes in China are high enough that you may easily save a significant portion of your income with little forethought and effort.

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