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Teaching jobs in China have successfully attracted many expats to look for job in China. As for many expats who consider to work in China must have heard teaching jobs in everywhere once you search for job opportunity in China. So many of you may be curious why everyone recommends this job and how are the teaching jobs in China?

Why are there so Many Teaching Jobs in China?

China is the world's second largest and fastest-growing economy and still tries its best to develop at an incredible speed to make their people happier and richer. China’s development needs to connect with World which leads the China government to place great emphasis on English education. This great emphasis on English education leads a huge need for English teachers in almost every city in China. And nowadays, foreign English teacher especially native English teachers are really popular in hiring market with people believe that native English teachers can teach students a standard and local English and also cultivate students critical thinking ability.

How does it feel to Teach English in China?

For anyone who is considering being an English teacher in China, you must check all the basic requirements for an English teacher in China first. The most basic requirement is candidate must be a native speaker with a bachelor's degree. Second, you should have two years of working experience. Third, you should hold TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate. As for fresh English teacher without working experience before, holding the certificate mentioned above also enable you to get the teaching job without working experience.

Different types of Teaching Jobs in China

The salary of English teaching jobs can be different in different types of teaching jobs you get. And normally the salary range sets between 10K RMB/Month-30K/Month depending on the types of teaching jobs and teaching experience of the candidate. This article will show you 3 popular types of teaching jobs in China.

1、English Teachers in Public Schools and Universities

Public schools and Universities can be described as the reliable teaching place in China. Commonly public schools hire oral English teachers to help students get good oral English and practice students’ listening. Besides oral English teachers, Chinese universities will hire more Foreign English teacher like phonetics teacher, American and British history teacher and so on. And the normal salary of this type of teacher is 10K-15K RMB/Month with some benefit like free accommodation, free ticket and so on.

2、English Teachers in Language Institutes

There are a lot of language institutes wanting to hire English teachers. And if you are working in language institute, you may face some smaller class size with above 5-15 kids/adults but with more classes in every week. The working time of language institutes may be set in the nights of working days or the daytime of Saturday/Sunday. Last the salary of this kind of teacher is 15K-20K RMB/Month. While some famous language institutes will offer high salary like 25K-30K RMB/Month for some excellent English teachers.

3、English Teachers in Kindergartens

Many kindergartens in China also have great hiring need for English teachers with a reason that more and more Chinese parents value the early childhood education of their children and believe it is better for kids to learn English early. Normally, this kind of teaching job is both easy and tough. You only need to teach some basic English words to little kids and play game with them while you also need to be patient to get along with kids even though most of time they do not understand what you are talking about. Last the salary of this kind of teacher is 15K-20K/Month.

At the end of this article, I still want to say that if you are qualified, English teaching job is really a good career choice for you. Be brave to place a first step to start your teaching life in China.