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    The China Teaching Experience

    You may presume Asia is actually pretty different coming from the Western planet. Effectively, it's true. And also it's not just concerning the language! Lifestyle, etiquette, clothing, goods, as well as food, are not what you acquired made use of to supporting residence.

    Specific points are actually thought about alright, while others are actually frowned upon.

    Prior to relocating as well as teaching English in China, it is going to be actually a terrific concept to know some practical tips regarding day-to-day life and also prepare yourself.

    Our experts decided to resume standard simple facts concerning what is it like to reside in China as a foreigner within this short article.

    Perhaps, it'll give you a hint to exactly how to survive in Asia and prosper as an ESL educator.

    What forms of teaching English in China tasks are actually accessible?

    If your purpose is actually to teach English in China, locating a job will not be actually also difficult.

    English speakers remain in high requirement at public and also private colleges, international organizations for little ones, foreign language centers, universities, and also educational institutions.

    Kindergartens usually need to have educators extremely, due to the fact that the suggestion of raising bilinguals appeals to modern-day parents.

    Naturally, being an English teacher at a grade school is actually various from a college stance: criteria, schedule, and wages vary considerably. Each project has its own attributes.

    What are the general needs to Teach English in China?

    Exactly how to come to be an ESL teacher? Technically speaking, you've come to go to the very least 18 y.o. and also keep a Bachelor's degree.

    Normally, instructors must have at minimum 1 or 2 years of work experience.

    Apart from that, there are actually no formal needs.

    However, as jobs in the place of work vary, postures might demand specific skill-sets and also premiums. Here is a list of what employers typically want from you.



    Creative thinking

    Basic drawing and singing skills

    Understanding child psychology

    Experience with young learners is preferred

    It's not all about language teaching, it's more than that.

    At many institutions, you'll be expected to take on extra responsibilities, like art classes, outdoor activities and such. In fact, many foreigners are also kindergartners.

    This is a good thing because after all, you get fewer hours devoted to teaching Chinese kids English, more free time and fun.

    Public Schools

    Ability to work with large groups of kids


    Creative approach in teaching

    At state schools, it may be tough at first, because classes are huge-- up to 50 people!

    No worries, there will be teaching assistants to help you.

    Teaching English to Chinese students you'll have to be creative and invent things.

    Games, fun videos, interaction, and creative activities are not only appreciated but also very effective.

    Private Schools

    Modern methods

    Regular feedback


    Teaching Chinese students English here is a lot like at public schools, except for class sizes: they are limited to about 20 people. It makes a teacher's life much easier!

    The pay is higher, but you are also expected to work hard and be more attentive to each one of your students.

    Previous experience is not always necessary, but such candidates are preferred.

    International Schools

    Subject teachers needed

    Experience and additional certifications are preferred

    Schedules and basic requirements are pretty much the same as at public schools: Monday-Friday from 8 am till 5 pm.

    International schools are the best-paid English teaching jobs in China-- up to $4,000 per month, which is why they never hire debutant teachers.

    Extremely qualified, experienced TEFL professionals are the ones who have really good chances.

    Training Centers

    Wish to work with different age groups

    Ability to work on weekends

    Late evening classes

    Probably one of the most popular options for expats moving to China: flexible working hours, possibility to teach adults and lots of free perks.

    Language centers in China are usually open throughout the week, so you might have to go to the office on Saturdays and Sundays. On the other hand, you'll still have two days off every week.

    Universities and Colleges

    Minimum working hours

    Interest in academic teaching

    Bachelor's degree in education is preferred

    Interested in teaching English in China to adult students? Colleges might be the right place!

    Mentors don't work as many hours as schools teachers do, plus they get free meals and other bonuses.

    It's possible to work there part-time or take on extra ESL tutoring jobs to increase your income.

    What are the average salaries of ESL Teachers in China?

    Our clients wonder how much English teachers make in China nowadays, but there can be no short answer to that! Pay depends on the type of teaching jobs and the institution:

    Public schools: $1,200-- $1,800.

    Kindergartens: between $1,200 and $2,000.

    Private and international institutions: starting at $2,200.

    Training centers: $1,500-- $3,000.

    Universities and colleges: up to $1,500.

    Have clear expectations for the job.

    First of all, in the China schools system teachers are respected and cherished.

    Kids would bring small gifts and homemade snacks for you, ask to take a selfie with you and will be very hard working in class. Yes, your classes with Chinese children are going to be more intense, than anything before.

    Be creative. Students appreciate colorful cards, pictures, videos, games and all kinds of interaction.

    Luckily, most classrooms are equipped with modern technology like PCs, projectors and smart boards.

    No need to carry your laptop around, invent things or spend hours printing out too many pictures.

    According to most teaching English in China experiences, preparation is extremely important, especially in the beginning.

    You'll need to break through both the language barrier and the ice!

    Don't skip lesson planning, because it will eliminate the extra stress and help you connect with kids.

    Don't expect it to be easy-- the task to teach Chinese kids English demands lots of effort, but it's rewarding!

    Culture in the classroom-- Why it is different.

    Teaching English in China is not like teaching Americans or Europeans. Chinese children are eager to learn and respect their teachers (laoshi).

    The atmosphere is different-- even 5-year-olds behave and don't get distracted or bored that easily. Although it may sound unrealistic, it's true!

    A teacher's authority is undoubted. Plus, there is the cultural phenomenon called saving face: criticizing someone in front of others, being rude or showing disrespect is discouraged.

    Therefore, from a very early age, children learn to respect others, listen to what they say and be attentive in class.

    This makes teaching in China is a very enjoyable experience.

    What are the costs of living for expats in China?

    Eating out: $370/month.

    Groceries: $90/month.

    Entertainment & Shopping: $190/month.

    Bills: $50-- $60.

    Internet: $15/month.

    Mobile: $0.03/ min.

    Transportation: $20-- $40/month.