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    The Top 5 Careers for Foreigners in China 2022

    As a result of China's rapid ascent to the level of a developed nation with what is most likely the largest economy in the world, the country is providing an increasing number of opportunities for people from other countries to gain valuable work experience, receive wages that are comparable to those in other countries, and enjoy comfortable living conditions.

    The five most popular jobs in China among internationals and expats are listed below.


    Every city in China has its fair share of foreigners, and there's a good possibility that one of them is a teacher.

    China Highlights features first-hand accounts from international students currently studying in the country.

    Over the last several decades, teaching has risen to prominence as one of the most sought-after professions by internationals, luring tens of thousands of newcomers to China every year. Despite considerable controversy in recent years (due to an increase of illegal/unqualified instructors), education is still the top option for expats looking to further their careers.

    China places a high cultural priority on education, and this is reflected in the country's early and rigorous schooling policies for young children. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that foreign educators are in great demand across a wide range of settings, from preschools to colleges and beyond.

    Average teaching employment may be more lucrative than teaching jobs back home, and sometimes feature wonderful perks for less labor, although this is highly dependent on the sort of school and local pricing bracket.


    The Yiwu International Trade and Exhibition Center

    China may not have been as globally influential as it is now if not for international commerce. China's ability to mass-produce almost anything at very cheap prices is of little benefit if those items never leave the country.

    Even in ancient times, when the Silk Road was used as a commerce route, trade was the primary means by which China maintained contact with the rest of the world. There will be new commercial possibilities thanks to the New Silk Road.

    Traders from all over the globe may now make a tidy profit by purchasing Chinese agricultural goods and reselling them at a premium in their local markets. Foreigners seeking to climb the economic ladder via business and trade will find them in plenty in cities like Guangzhou and the more modest "factory-town" of Yiwu.


    Information technology is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, and this is especially true in China, where people increasingly rely on technological tools in their daily lives.

    Every aspect of daily life in China is made easier by the widespread use of smartphone technology, including but not limited to the purchase of goods, the placement of orders, and the booking of travel. Since a result, the IT sector is constantly on the lookout for new, young talent, especially from outside, as this is the best way to bridge the gap between China's technological advances and the rest of the world and strengthen the country's international profile.

    It bears repeating that this is a very demanding job, with extended periods of time spent at the office for both Chinese and international workers alike. For instance, Shenzhen, sometimes called China's "Silicon Valley," is well-known for its enticing and well-paying employment prospects in the IT industry, but is also renowned for its insane work hours, commonly nicknamed the" 9-9-6 system," meaning working 9 a.m. Every night at 9pm, six days a week!


    When a foreigner moves to China or takes a trip there, they become an invaluable resource for learning about Chinese culture and society since they can share their observations with the rest of the world from a vantage point of objectivity. Because of this, there is a constant need for fresh perspectives and ideas in the fields of writing, editing, and content production.

    English-language news, media, and content-based marketing are in high demand, especially as China undergoes rapid modernization. Careers in this category may be found in a wide variety of areas, including travel writing, expat lifestyle writing, reporting on current events, and reporting on specialized industries.

    The editorial staff of China Highlights includes expats as well as independent editors and writers. They assist us in conveying information to our readers in English (and other languages... see page foot) and provide us access to a unique outsider's viewpoint on travel and daily life in China.


    Good news for anyone looking to find work in China from abroad: no industry can succeed anywhere without effective marketing. Foreign professionals with expertise in marketing-related sectors like brand strategy, design, and advertising are in great demand in China due to the country's large and rapidly growing business sector.

    Experts from outside China are in great demand since the country is still relatively new to these industries compared to the West. This means they can assist China break into domestic markets and expand internationally.