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    The best places to live and teach in China

    Teaching jobs may be found all across China via China by Teaching. We can point you in the direction of the nearest teaching job if you have a certain region or city in mind.

    In the United States, these are the top teaching locations:

    Tier 1 Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen


    China's cultural and political center. When it comes to working and living in a big city, most instructors only think about it once in their lives. This genuinely global center resembles a far-flung version of New York City. Complete with snarling traffic, a diverse population, a vibrant nightlife, and some of the world's most well-known tourist destinations.


    A metropolis that never stops moving at breakneck speed. As China's biggest and most populous city, Shanghai also has the country's largest ex-pat population. Shanghai is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a big-city teaching experience as well as limitless opportunities to travel across Asia due to its convenient location and cheap and outstanding quality of life.

    Shopaholic's paradise, Shenzhen is located on the southern coast of China, just south of Hong Kong. Shenzhen is ideal for those who wish to teach in a vibrant metropolis while yet being close to beautiful beaches and magnificent nature.


    Guangzhou, a growing Tier 1 metropolis on the coast, is likewise surrounded by nature. Many ex-pats like it because of the warmer temperature and European vibe.


    In China's Panda Capital, life is easygoing and environmentally friendly. It's a great place to spend time outside because of the warm temperature. Tier 1.5 cities like Chengdu, provide a more immersive cultural learning experience while still providing all the advantages of much larger cities.

    Tier 1 teaching cities are often the focus of all the debate. The world is plenty with places where you may have a fulfilling, exhilarating and distinctive teaching or living experience. These locations are dubbed "The Best of the Rest."

    chinese cities ranked as new tier one


    Living in such a historic city is a unique experience. Xi'an's tourism infrastructure is also excellent due to the city's world-renowned Terracotta Army. This city's food stands out among others in China. Beautiful retreats may be found in the nearby highlands. In general, it's a great location to work and live together.


    In China's top tier, this is one of the most inexpensive and pleasurable places to visit. Qingdao is known for its seaside lifestyle, great cuisine, diverse population, and wide range of outdoor activities. Both Chinese citizens and expatriates find this to be one of the most livable cities in the country.


    A more laid-back atmosphere while being just 200 kilometers from Shanghai. Hangzhou is a glitzy riverfront city that manages to combine old world charm with cutting-edge design. Several islands dot the bay, each with ancient temples and beautiful gardens. Hangzhou has been a center for artists for more than a millennium and is a popular Chinese vacation spot.


    Chongqing, China's quietest high achiever, is spread over the Yangtze River's banks and near to both Xi'an and Chengdu. While there aren't any big tourist sites in the city itself, being so near to so many popular destinations means you can still enjoy the finest of China right outside your door when you stay in this location. Additionally, your backyard will have a much more tranquil feel about it.


    It's known as the Venice of China because of its many waterways. There is nothing like Suzhou for scenery, and for a laid-back way of living. You'll have all the comforts you want, as well as a low cost of living that is still good. All of this, an hour’s drive out of Shanghai!


    Popular among ex-pat instructors who don't know her from a devoted group. Ningbo is located on a beautiful stretch of coastline south of Shanghai. It provides a high standard of life at an affordable price, similar to Suzhou.

    China's Second-Range Cities


    The subtropical climate of Xiamen implies that the winters are brief and pleasant. For those who are turned off by the often brutal Chinese winters, this is ideal. The city, which sits just across the Taiwan Strait, provides a tranquil seaside lifestyle along with an abundance of outdoor activities.


    If it weren't for the city's location on the banks of a magnificent lake, it would be a hive of activity all the time. Kunming is home to a slew of parks and wildlife refuges. As a result, traffic is diluted, and the city seems much more peaceful. The warm weather throughout the year makes it possible to enjoy all of the wonderful outdoor areas and activities. As a result, living in this area is positively ideal.

    China's Third-Range Cities


    Guiling would take first place in a beauty contest based only on appearance. Between two stunning lakes, surrounded by a spine of karst mountains. By all accounts, this jewel from the Middle Ages is a stunner. Guilin's traditional culture and location in Guanxi's south-eastern province make it ideal for those seeking a more relaxed pace of life while yet being close to nature. If you're going to be spending a lot of time in Southeast Asia, this is a great Tier 3 destination.


    It's another another stunning northern seaside city where temperatures are moderate throughout the year. Quinghaodao is known for its ancient fortifications, beautiful beaches, and delectable seafood cuisine.


    There is a lot to see and do in the Sichuan Province, and it's much better as a location to call home. For its spicy and flavorful food, the region is revered. The historical and ecological attractions abound in Mianyang. It's true that the whole province is full with interesting things to explore. In many respects, the city showcases the absolute best Sichuan has to offer.