The truth about TEFL certification for China

Want the scoop on China's TEFL requirements? When it comes to teaching in China, there is a great deal of misunderstanding, particularly about the need of a TEFL certificate.

Do I need a TEFL for China? is one of the most often asked topics with ambiguous responses. What is the bare minimum that must be met? And how exactly does one become a TEFL-certified teacher?

What about a TEFL certification? Do I need it for China?

In China, a TEFL certificate is not needed by law.

However, unless you have extensive teaching experience or a degree in education, it is often required by institutions.

In reality, the Chinese government requires a bachelor's degree and more than two years of comparable experience for teachers to work in the country.

Due to the scarcity of applicants with such experience, many institutions now prefer a TEFL certificate.

To apply for most reputable teaching positions in China, you'll need a TEFL certification.

How difficult is it to become a teacher in China?

More than just a TEFL certificate is required for successful teaching in China.

What's more, you'll require

Acquiring a Level

Valid passport from one of the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, AU, NZ, SA

To be under 55 years old, healthy, and blemish-free.

Some jurisdictions may have stricter minimum ages than others, so be sure to check before you move.

The legalization of your papers is required as part of the visa application procedure. The essential steps are to have your paperwork notarized by a solicitor or notary public, validated by your country's foreign affairs department, and stamped by the Chinese consulate or visa center.

Usually, your school or recruiting organization will assist you with this.

China's Minimum TEFL Requirement

I have said that a TEFL certificate isn't needed to teach English in China. So, China doesn't have a set minimum standard.

However, at least 120 hours is required by most Chinese institutions and employers.

However, you will discover that you cannot avoid colleges that insist on this need in order to secure a job, even if 120 hours is an arbitrary amount. Also, the total number of hours spent studying TEFL is often included on the certificate itself.

Is it possible to take a course that lasts more than 120 hours if you want to? Of course, but it's not required.

The 120 hours of training may be completed in the same way, either entirely online, entirely in-person, or any mix of the two.

A TEFL certificate is...

In truth, it's a made-up term. There is no universal organization that verifies the quality of TEFL programs across the world. The 'accreditation' is just a marketing tool that TEFL businesses pay for to utilize. Yet, in such a cutthroat field, who can blame them? However, the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in the UK might be severe when you go to have your documentation approved for your visa. It is possible that they will insist on a notarized copy of your TEFL certificate from the nation in which the TEFL organization is based.

You, as a British citizen, may be certain that the FCDO has approved the aforementioned three programs. Additional information for UK educators may be found in a guide on the legalization of papers for use in China.

Consequently, without a TEFL, will I be denied entry to China?

If you are working in China without a Z visa, you risk being deported. And the only way to receive that Z visa is with a certified TEFL certificate (along with additional papers). And as I was saying before, there are many instances of educators being deported or held because they lacked the proper visa. Avoid being that person!

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