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The shanghai job attracts a large number of expats to visit and work in Shanghai each year. This attractive city shanghai also boosts its name and relative key words huge traffic on Google as “shanghai job” is ranked in the top of searches. Let us find out more about Shanghai.

Shanghai Extraordinary City in China

Why does shanghai become such a popular destination for expats job relocation? If you come to Shanghai, you will find yourself run into a wonderful city with harmonious combination of Chinese and western. Sometimes you even do not feel you are in foreign land as so many expats walking in the streets of Shanghai. Because of the history reason, Shanghai has long trading history with western countries which has a large influence on shanghai’s society, culture and its people.

Shanghai Expats-Friendly City

Benefiting from government’s preferential policies, shanghai now become the most cosmopolitan city and expats-friendly city in China. Most of public infrastructures of shanghai will come with English vision of explanation, as well as there are so many service institutes for foreigners in Shanghai. As for food, do not worry, shanghai also has a nickname as city of gastronomy. If you are freshman in shanghai and want to eat western cuisine, you can always find some western restaurants in shanghai. While if you are brave and cannot wait to taste more Chinese food, here is your food paradise as many delicious Chinese food/snack in shanghai’s food courts / hiding away in some narrow streets which are only known by local people. The key to know these secret food stores is asking locals / follow some local good food guide published by some shanghai wechat official accounts.

Basic Requirements to Work in Shanghai

Shanghai, as a metropolis in China, own a large job market for foreign talents. Before you look for job info in shanghai, please check basic requirements for expats to work in China. Expats who want to relocate job in China must own Bachelor Degree/above with 2 Years of Working Experience. In addition, there is a new regulation in shanghai that graduates with a bachelor’s degree/above in China can get work visa without 2 Years of Working Experience if they settle down their job in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ).

Find out Popular Jobs in Shanghai

As mentioned before shanghai own a large job market for expats so what are most popular jobs in Shanghai? This article will provide top some popular jobs in shanghai for your career choice.

English teacher

English teacher is always the most popular job in shanghai and even in China as the need for native English teachers always surpass the supply. Now only native English speakers can meet the first requirement of being English teachers in China, as same as Shanghai. So if you are a native speaker with relative teaching certificate, English teacher is definitely a good career choice for you as it will come with high salary and other benefits.


As an international city in the world, shanghai has so many companies having promoting need to boost sales by marketing activities oversea or in China. So as you can see there are lots of marketing jobs are open to expats who are familiar with marketing strategies, Google analysis and so on.

Sales executive

Sales jobs are also waiting for the applications from qualified and experienced sales talents. Most of foreign trade companies are more willing to hire experienced expats to help them open oversea market. Expats who are natives of target market would also be preferred by Chinese recruiters as native sales are familiar with target market and can do business at local as soon as possible.


If you are good at writing and familiar with some marketing strategies, copywriter jobs in shanghai will be a suitable job for you. The need for copywriters is also growing in recent years as more companies have needs to promote their business by popular articles. And normally this kind of job will also be managed by marketing manager to support the work of marketing departments.

There are still so many jobs have not been listed here, check for more job info in shanghai and start right here.