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    Types of English Teaching Schools in China

    Once you've earned your credentials, it's time to start planning for a career in China. Considering the wide variety of educational institutions and work opportunities in China, it is essential to first choose the kind of school that would serve your requirements.

    Independent Language Institutions

    English is typically taught at private language schools, often called training centers, across China. Evening and weekend classes are commonplace at for-profit institutions. Depending on the school, you may have anywhere from two to ten pupils in a class where you teach English verbally to people of varying ages.

    Although most private language schools focus on English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction, some do offer specialized programs in areas such as test prep, public speaking, debate, college counseling, theater, and art. Jobs at several of these private institutions come with generous compensation and perks. In China, I was a college advisor for nearly two years.

    If you're searching for a teaching career but can't wait until September or February, private language schools recruit new instructors all year long.

    Open to the Public

    Public schools in China are another prominent location for foreigners to find work as English language instructors. Supplemental oral English instructors are often employed by public schools to provide instruction once a week or twice a month.

    English grammar and writing are taught by Chinese instructors in most public schools throughout China in preparation for international entrance exams. However, these institutions have come to terms with the fact that most students struggle with English and have begun employing foreign lecturers to make up for this shortcoming.

    You may expect to work at a public school from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with class sizes ranging from 30 to 50 kids. The Chinese public school system certainly does produce some quite large classes.

    Since public schools seldom require new instructors to start in the middle of a semester, the best times to apply for a teaching position there are September and maybe February.

    Degree-granting Institutions of Higher Learning

    A career at a college or university can be ideal if you're seeking for something with flexible scheduling that will allow you to see the world while still making ends meet. Although these jobs pay the least, they also require far less time commitment outside of class and the workplace.

    Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) at a university in China is a great way to see the country and earn a living wage at the same time. This position might be ideal for you if you want to spend most of your time seeing China and aren't very concerned about financial security.

    Foreign Education Institutions

    Positions at foreign schools in China often provide the best salaries and perks. For the most part, foreign schools in China want educators who have a minimum of two years of teaching experience and a valid teaching license from their home country.

    Non-native speakers of English may also find wonderful opportunities to teach in China via international schools. You may lawfully teach a topic in English at an International school if you are a qualified teacher in your native country with at least two years of experience. One of my Dutch friends, for instance, was a math professor who lectured only in English.

    Personalized Instruction

    Private teaching is a great method to supplement your income in China. Even while private tutoring in China is theoretically unlawful, the government seldom enforces this law.

    However, if you have a full-time teaching position in China, it may be against your contract to engage in private tutoring; as such, you should exercise caution and refrain from soliciting any of your pupils for private tutoring.

    While doing my Master's in China, I worked as a private instructor. To make ends meet, I worked a couple jobs on the side, and as word got around school, I had no trouble finding work.

    Of course, some Chinese educators work as tutors on the side rather than in addition to their main jobs. While this may seem like a great opportunity to earn a lot of money with no commitment, it is illegal and you will not be provided with any advantages such as paid time off or a place to live.