What Requirements Do I Need to Teach in China

Has teaching in China ever crossed your mind as a possible career path for you? Is it possible that you are unsure about which city is ideal for you to teach in? "What do I need to acquire a job in China?" may have crossed your mind at some point.

To put it another way, if you want to work legally in China as a teacher, you'll need a Z Visa. It is possible that your employer may sponsor your application for this visa, allowing you to begin working as a teacher in China right away.

If you're a teacher who'd want to work and live overseas, China may be a great option.

A Work Permit

To get a work visa in China, you must have a valid passport that has at least six months remaining in it. Only citizens of the following countries are eligible for visa-free entry: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the United States, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. However, the great demand for instructors, particularly those who teach English in China, allows for some degree of flexibility.

A foreign employment permit from the Chinese Labor Ministry.

License issued by the Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau for foreign experts.

Q1 Visa application including images of the applicant's passport.

A physical examination that includes testing for TB, HIV, and drug use.

You must have the support of your employer to apply for a visa.

Permit to Live and Work

Immediately after arriving in China with your Z visa, you must apply for employment and residency permits. As soon as possible, you should visit your local PSB (Public Security Bureau) to apply for a work permit and register for your temporary residency. Be aware that you must reside and work in the same place or your visa may be revoked. Your Chinese residency permit serves as confirmation that you are lawfully residing and working in China. When a work permit extension is requested, this kind of temporary permission might be extended for an additional year. Verify all of the information on your work permit, including the address where you'll be doing your employment, as soon as you obtain it. You may be held if they aren't.

Teachers in China must meet certain requirements and standards.

Depending on the role and the sort of school employing you, the specifics and credentials needed to teach a range of courses and languages in China might vary.

It is true that the majority of teaching posts in China need

A bachelor's degree in a related field


Teaching English as a foreign language in China requires a TEFL certification.

Minimum of a one-year commitment and two years of relevant job experience

Between the ages of 24-55

If the employment calls for a PGCE (Postgraduate Certification in Education), which is an internationally recognized credential, or a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), which requires at least two years of classroom experience, don't be startled. The great demand for instructors in China means that some roles do not even need you to have a degree, so it is crucial to thoroughly investigate each position and select one that is the best fit.

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