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    What is China salary?

    China has lower average wages than other developed countries such as the United States and Japan. A typical Chinese employee's yearly salary is roughly 3,51,600 Yuan (USD 54,422).

    What is the Average Chinese Salary?

    The average pay in China varies by city and region. Wages in Chinese cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou are greater than in other cities.

    The average pay is also affected by characteristics such as education, industrial domain, experience level, and sector (the public and private sectors).

    According to the July 2021 currency rate, the average monthly pay in China is 29,300 Yuan (Chinese Yuan), which equates to USD 4,534 (US dollars) each month.

    The Renminbi (abbreviated RMB) is China's official currency. In this piece, however, we shall stick to the Chinese Yuan (CNY), which is the prevalent, worldwide term for the currency.

    Let us now examine the many features of the average income in China.

    1. Median Wage

    The monthly median pay in China is 31,100 Yuan (USD 4,813).

    That indicates that half of the population earns less than the median wage. The other half, on the other hand, earns more than the median wage. In general, the number of persons earning more than the median wage is directly related to the country's economic progress.

    2. Salary Range (Maximum and Minimum)

    The average monthly wage in China varies from 7,410 Yuan (USD 1,145) to 1,31,000 Yuan (USD 20,245), with 7,410 Yuan being the lowest and 1,31,100 Yuan being the highest.

    3. Annual Salary Increase on Average

    Depending on the job title, Chinese workers may expect a wage increase of around 9% every 15 months.

    Although the phrase "annual salary" indicates a pay raise every 12 months, this is not necessarily the case. The frequency of pay increases varies from one employer to the next.

    4. The Minimum Wage

    The minimum wage in China is set by the local government. It is determined by the cost of living in the region, local salaries, and the supply and demand for labor.

    Because of these factors, there is a significant range in minimum salaries across all big and small cities.

    Employees in Shanghai have the highest average monthly salary, at 2,480 Yuan. In comparison to smaller cities in provinces like as Hunan, Hubei, Liaoning, and Heilongjiang, Shanghai has approximately twice the minimum wage.

    China's overall work force was 805.7 million in 2019, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. Despite its large population, China manages to produce over 13 million employment in metropolitan China each year.

    Because China has a large middle-class population, the government finds it difficult to regulate the minimum wage legislation in each state.

    As a result, China's Minimum Salary Regulations (CMWR) mandate that regional governments must raise the minimum wage at least once every two years. The minimum wage regulation is intended to guarantee that discretionary income is sufficient to support a pleasant living.

    China's Top 3 Industries for Outsourcing

    Thousands of businesses outsource portions of their operations to China.

    Here's a quick rundown of all the sectors that have been outsourced to China:

    1. Manufacturing and production

    For decades, international corporations have reaped the advantages of low-cost manufacturing provided by Chinese industry.

    According to a pay study conducted in 2018, the hourly wage of a manufacturing worker in China is USD 5.51. In terms of labor expenses, China is one of the least costly nations in comparison to other economic giants such as the United States and Germany.

    Companies such as Apple and Nike profit from China's cheap hourly salary, reduced real estate expenses, and unrivaled supply network by establishing facilities there.

    2. IT/Software Development

    China boasts one of the most robust startup ecosystems in the world, and it is home to several high-growth IT firms. Every year, the Chinese school system generates 4.7 million tech graduates.

    In China, the average income for a software engineer ranges from 1,89,000 Yuan to 3,57,000 Yuan. Because of the low pay, it is easy for outsourcing businesses to employ high-quality software engineers at a cheap cost.

    3. Customer Care

    Outsourcing your customer support activities to China may benefit your organization if you have Mandarin or Cantonese-speaking consumers.

    In China, the average yearly income for a contact center representative is USD 31,283. Companies with Mandarin clients will find it simpler to outsource their customer care services as a result.