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    What is a good teaching salary in China?

    It depends on your expertise, location, bargaining strength, and teaching jobs.Teachers may expect to earn between $907 and $4,337 RMB. A teacher's compensation depends on their experience.

    However, many variables influence a teacher's earning potential, including:



    3.Teaching jobs


    In China, your teaching position determines your pay.

    You may teach in a variety of jobs in China.

    Preschool ( ages 2-5-year-olds)

    Centers for training ( Kids and Adults)

    Professor/Certified Teacher Public or Primary School Teacher at an International School International schools pay more but need credentialed teachers. Unemployment is highest at Universities.

    Each job has benefits and drawbacks, so decide which position and compensation you like.

    Because China is a cheap nation, all of the incomes listed are livable.

    Educators in China can save the most money.

    Kindergarten teaching jobs pay the most for qualified teachers.

    China's kindergartens are not like ours. In China, kindergartens are a mix of preschool and kindergarten. The kids are 2-5 years old.

    A private Kindergarten typically operates from 8am to 4:30pm. You'll have class and office hours.

    Teaching hours are the hours spent in the classroom. While office hours are used to plan lessons and prepare for the following day.

    The compensation ranges from 10,000-15,000RMB, with few exceptions. This job offers a housing allowance and paid vacations.

    Free lunch is another excellent perk.

    The lesson is between 30 and 45 minutes long.

    I worked in Hangzhou, China. I just taught for two hours but interacted with the kids all day.

    I also alternated two groups of kids for morning and afternoon courses.

    Chinese Teachers' Salaries

    International schools in China educate expat kids.

    Non-Chinese citizens must attend an International school in China.

    International schools use a US or UK curriculum.

    International schools exclusively hire skilled educators. So only experienced instructors with a bachelor's degree in education may apply.

    These professors are in great demand due to their high demand. Due to high demand, these instructors' compensation has risen.

    A qualified teacher at a Chinese foreign school might earn a salary of 18,000-30,000RMB (about $2,000-$4,000 USD).

    This is the greatest and highest paid teaching job in China.

    You will have enough money to have fun, travel, and save.

    This is a 40 hour teaching post.

    College And University English Teaching Salaries

    It's an English college lecturer.

    To depart for the day, you need merely give your classes. The hours each week are 15-17 hours or fewer. While this job offers the greatest freedom to tour China, it pays the least.

    The lowest paying job.

    You may still stay on campus for free if you want to tour China.

    The compensation ranges from 6,000-9,000RMB depending on the institution.

    Public colleges are more profitable. This work includes free housing on campus, a compensated summer vacation, and all major holidays.

    This job allows you to travel across China and adjacent nations.

    Training Center Salaries

    After-school tutoring facilities for Chinese kids to practice English.

    In a training facility, you are a tutor. After school and on weekends, the kids come here to learn English.

    The parents pay for these schools. Foreigners most often teach at training centers, also known as learning centers.

    Assume you are compensated fairly. You must work evenings and weekends, but most foreigners do.

    So if you get up early, this is the job for you.

    Salary varies greatly by firm and area. In training centers, you work with all ages. 6-18 year olds

    Adult training institutes mainly target business professionals. They frequently pay handsomely. Adults earn 20-22k RMB.

    Training centers employ the most and are the quickest route in.

    Teaching English in Public Schools Salary

    Teaching freedom is greatest in public schools.

    The class size is roughly 20-30 individuals. You may educate up to 60 students every day.

    Holidays and other important advantages are usual at public schools. Less instruction time than Kindergartens. Around 16-20 hours each week.

    You get free meals and paid vacation time on Chinese holidays.

    You may also choose your lesson and teaching style. As a solo instructor, class management is essential. It's tough yet rewarding.

    The wage range is $6,200-$15,300 ($900-$2,200).