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    Work and Travel in China

    Did you know that China is the world's fourth-largest nation in terms of land area? From Beijing to Shanghai, the Li River to the Yellow Mountains, enormous pandas to some of the world's spiciest cuisine... China has a lot to offer.

    How can you afford to travel across such a vast country?

    You work while traveling.

    If you get a job in China, you may visit all of these places and more. And yet have enough money to treat yourself to a cup of hot tea every now and then!

    If you wish to work and vacation in China, here are some of the greatest suggestions and positions.

    Balancing Travel and Work in China

    As you begin your journey to work and travel, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you have the best experience possible.

    Concentrate on being adaptable. First, you'll need to find a job that allows you some flexibility so you can travel. When you begin looking for international opportunities, keep this flexibility in mind and set clear expectations with your potential employer about your wish to travel.

    Investigate visas. Make certain you grasp the specifics of the visa you want. China has some strange visa restrictions that won't make any sense until you examine closely.

    Plan. Once you've figured out the employment part, plan out some things you'd want to do while in China. Make a list of everything you want to see and locations you wish to visit. Make a preliminary schedule and organize your activities in a reasonable and attainable manner. Download applications that will assist you with translation, navigation, and transportation.

    Study Chinese. The more Mandarin you know before arriving in China, the simpler it will be to work and travel. Plus, you'll be able to meet nice locals by using your language abilities!

    Working and Traveling in China with These Jobs

    Work with Children

    Most Chinese parents want their children to be able to communicate in English when they grow up. As a result, working with children is the simplest method to get employment as an English speaker in China.

    Ages and ability levels may vary depending on where you go and who you work with. However, the effort will always be aimed towards reaching the next level of fluency.

    If you are interested in assisting children in developing good English habits, this is an excellent chance to get a job with no credentials. Apart from being able to communicate in English, of course!

    However, native speakers who have earned a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) often earn higher money.

    Work as an Au Pair

    The term "au pair" is French meaning "nanny." If you like dealing with children, this may be the job for you.

    As the children's caregiver, you'll work with a family. You'll mostly be playing with them and assisting them with their schoolwork or chores. You could also be requested to teach English.

    Essentially, your purpose is to serve as an English-speaking role model.

    Being an au pair is a pleasant and simple job if you like working with children. You'll get a free place to live, food, a modest stipend, and kids to play with in exchange for roughly 30 hours of labor each week!

    However, this work is only for the younger generation. Each nation has its own au pair age limitations, with China's au pair age range ranging from 18 to 29 years old.

    Work Done for Free

    Surprisingly, unpaid does not always imply "not paid." You simply will not be paid in full.

    Many unpaid employment continue to provide stipends and/or housing allowances. However, the stipend is frequently insufficient to live decently. You'll still need to find another source of money.

    If you are unable to commit to a long-term contract, doing unpaid employment is a terrific option to be employed temporarily so that you may travel throughout your remaining time in China.

    Work of Expertise

    Not everyone wants to work with children or labor for free.

    Many highly qualified people wish to work and vacation in China while also advancing their careers in their fields.

    Being an expat, on the other hand, has an appeal that might offer you an advantage in the Chinese employment market. Especially if you can communicate in the native language! Make a point of brushing up on your Chinese business phrases.

    Keep in mind that the Chinese business world revolves around (gunx). Being a foreigner who blends in with the culture demonstrates your ability to establish healthy ties with all areas of Chinese society. This is very appealing to Chinese employers.

    At the same time, joining networking groups such as Internations is a smart option. This will allow you to network with other expats who are working professionally in China. And forming (gux) relationships with other expat professionals will fast lead to additional prospects.