Beijing Jobs for english speakers

Beijing is known for its high English proficiency rate. The city has been ranked as the top spot for English fluency and English-speaking graduates among other major cities. The unemployment rate for English-speaking graduates is lower than the Chinese-speaking ones. The city has a lot of opportunities to start an English-speaking career.

Jobs in Beijing are also lucrative. Many people who have studied English, especially in the university, can get a job in Beijing. Job vacancies are abundant and the salaries are quite good.

Moreover, you should check the China website for English-speaking jobs. This is a great place to find a job. Even though the main language of the job board I listed above is Spanish, it also includes a list of English-speaking jobs in different cities in China.

You should be preparing, as far in advance as you possibly can, to apply a long-term and strategic strategic approach when you go job hunting in Beijing.

There are various types of connections in China. Some are very important, some are less important.

As a result, it is recommended that you try to build a personal network of people in the Beijing area who might be working there who can help you find a suitable job.

Online communities, a fact-finding trip to China, a business visit, a language holiday, etc. might be good ways of establishing such a network.

Teaching English in Beijing

In Beijing, over 70 institutes of higher learning have been established, with some of Beijing's most famous universities being Tsinghua University and Peking University.

More and more Chinese students aspire to increase their proficiency in a foreign language as a result of the increasing demand for higher education in China and the country's emerging global power position. Many foreigners will take advantage of this excellent chance to work in China as an EFL teacher for a couple of years.

Nonetheless, teaching jobs of this kind in Beijing are quite difficult to come by because of the fierce rivalry. SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs) laws often need you to be a native speaker with at least two years of work experience in order to be granted foreign expert status for TEFL employment.

In rare situations, the local government may waive one or two of these standards in order to fill TEFL posts in smaller provincial schools. The TEFL employment market in Beijing, on the other hand, is quite different.

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