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    Fun Facts about China

    Before you visit China, knowing a little about the Chinese cultural facts can assist you to dive into it more and discover more to appreciate about it! Chinese culture is a magnificent fabric blended with history spanning over 5,000 years. It’s little surprise the culture fascinates so many. Here we expose you to some fascinating facts about the culture in China. We’ve merged both contemporary culture as well as traditional culture.

    Dating someone indicates it’s an exclusive connection instantly

    You may be startled by the first Chinese cultural fact, but it’s the reality — when you are dating someone in China, that individual immediately feels this is an exclusive relationship.

    This is extremely different from the dating culture in western nations where individuals enjoy casual dating a lot and then have a “exclusivity talk” later before commitment arises.

    Therefore, if you’d want to date someone else in China, you have to quit an existing “relationship” first.

    Your buddies may wonder how much money you earn

    Because money isn't a taboo subject in Chinese society, it's commonplace to discuss it. Small surprise there are so many affluent individuals in China — the Chinese don’t fear money!

    Most westerners never speak about money. In fact, American money guru Ramit Sethi even states, “If you ask individuals to speak about money, the majority of westerners would rather talk about their s*x lives instead.”

    However, if you reside in China, some of your Chinese acquaintances may inquire how much money you earn every month - don’t be startled by this unusual Chinese cultural fact!

    China has 56 distinct ethnic groups

    When foreigners learn that China recognizes 56 distinct ethnic groups, they are typically taken aback. The Han people make up the majority of China's population, with a total of over 900 million people. Ethnic groups each have their own unique customs and traditions.

    Significant significance is accorded to the Chinese Zodiac

    While horoscopes in the West may appear like a hippy fad, the Chinese Zodiac is revered by the Chinese people. According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this 12-year cycle is referred to as "Sheng Xiao." Dragons, horses, sheep, and snakes are some of the 12 creatures linked with each year of the cycle.

    If you're interested in learning more about Chinese culture, check out your Chinese Zodiac sign.

    China places a high value on family life

    One of the most essential elements in Chinese culture is family

    No one in China has forgotten the significance of family, even as many Chinese seniors bemoan the fact that young people born in the 1980s and later lack a strong moral compass.'s The Significance of Family in China

    That's why, even today, getting married and establishing a family, as well as getting together with family on a regular basis to deepen family ties, are nearly non-negotiable.

    There is more to Chinese tea than simply a drink

    When in China, be sure to provide your guests with a steaming mug of tea. It's also an essential aspect of socializing with people, just like Westerners meet friends or business connections at Starbucks!

    There are several types of Chinese kung fu

    Kungfu, an old martial art form, is made up of a number of diverse sub-styles. There is Shaolin, Qigong, and Tai Chi. Despite the fact that many individuals in China practice martial arts as a form of exercise, not everyone is as proficient as Jackie Chan

    Despite this, a growing number of Chinese are becoming more interested in coffee as a way to learn more about the West. In the Chinese cultural lexicon, this is a recent development.