Senior Korean Marketing Manager (25K-35K)
Full-time30K - 35K RMB per monthShanghai
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Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the marketing of Youxing mobile game products in South Korea; 2. Formulate a complete marketing plan according to the characteristics of new products, brand planning and revenue objectives; 3. Adjust the rhythm of market activities according to the life cycle of old products, and effectively monitor the implementation effect and budget expenditure of market activities; 4. Cooperate with the launch team to output advertising material ideas, regularly repeat the effects and provide optimization schemes; 5. Manage and supervise the quality, production capacity and related implementation of Korean local partners; 6. Research and analyze the marketing strategies of competitive products, and output effective reports; 7. Responsible for team building of the marketing department and formulation of management specifications; 8. Motivate team members to maintain good working conditions, assist them in their growth while reaching goals with them.

Job Requirements

1. At least 5 years of mobile game marketing experience, at least 2 years of relevant team management experience is preferred; 2. Proficient in Chinese and Korean, and Korean can be used as the working language (Korean mother tongue is preferred); 3. Deeply understand Korean culture and have a complete understanding of Korean mobile game market environment and players; 4. Be able to handle the market in an all-round way, and have unique opinions and practical implementation experience in marketing; 5. Pursue to be different, have excellent creative ability, aesthetic and copywriting planning ability; 6. Love games, clear thinking, fluent expression, strong self driving force and pioneering ability; Bonus items: -Graduated from advertising, marketing, media, art and other related majors -Experienced in two-dimensional game distribution, like two-dimensional culture -More than ten million game marketing experience -Proficient in English / Korean

Required Languages

Korean, English

Job Details

Position type

Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


Unlimited experience

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