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Work With Lever Foods To Launch Your Own Plant-Based Or “Clean Meat” Food Company Are you interested in the growing market for plant-based meat, egg or dairy products? Or, are you interested in the emerging high-technology field of “clean meat”—which is producing real meat, egg and dairy products in a factory setting from animal cells instead of live animals? Do you have the business skills to start, grow and manage a company? We are currently looking for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own plant-based meat or “clean meat” food company. For the right entrepreneurs we will provide mentorship, help connect you with a science-side co-founder (someone with expert knowledge of food science or cell culturing, who can work on product development), and connect you with investment funding to enable you to launch a company. As an entrepreneur and business manager, you will work toward launching your own plant-based meat or “clean meat” company, growing the company, and achieving commercial success. You will be totally self-directed, own and run your own company, and have the potential to profit significantly if your company is successful. This is a great opportunity for ambitious, self-directed people with the business knowledge and personality skillset to start and grow a successful food or food technology company in the alternative protein space.


We are looking for individuals with the business knowledge and personality skillset to start and grow a successful food or food technology company. Good applicants could include experienced entrepreneurs who have previously launched a company; experienced business managers or business owners (from the food space or from any other space); or talented business school graduates. As you will need to successfully pitch the company and its products to investors and to business clients, ability to communicate professionally and to persuade others is important. Applicants should also philosophically support the mission of replacing animal protein with plant based or “clean meat” proteins, whether for health, sustainability, animal welfare, or other reasons.

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English, Chinese

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Sales/ Biz Development / Account Management



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