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* work remotely or at our local office * both part-time and full-time openings Responsibilities: 1. According to the needs of the project, localize the design of new or existing functions, characters, activities, etc... 2. Output executable design documents within the required time, and be responsible for reviewing and modifying based on feedback within a timely manner. 3. Regularly evaluate the company's existing games (including but not limited to: localization, user experience, gameplay, etc.), and output executable optimization feedback documents. 4. Cooperate with the translation and cross-team personnel to carry out QA of localized texts and output text optimization documents. 5. Regularly survey mainstream games and trends, and output relevant game theme and concept pitches. 6. Design worldbuilding concepts, storylines, characters, and texts for the given game as well as output corresponding design documents.


Requirements: - Strong understanding of game design principles, theories, and contemporary game trends. - Able to create original ideas and also work from existing concepts and stories, able to create a well-formatted, easy to read design document. - Skilled in understanding the user experience - Knowledgeable of various facets of western culture including (but not limited to) gaming culture, literature, film, music, history, etc... - Strong written and verbal English communication skills - Native level language skills in German or French are a plus 工作职责: 1.根据项目需求,对游戏新增或现有功能、角色、活动等进行本地化设计,在需求时间内输出可执行的设计文档,并负责后续内容的审核和修改反馈。 2.定期对公司现有游戏进行评估(包括但不限于:本地化,用户体验,游戏性等),并输出可执行的优化反馈文档。 3.配合翻译对接人员进行各项目的小语种文本QA,输出文本QA优化文档。 4.定期对主流游戏玩法与趋势动态进行调研,输出游戏题材及概念方案。 5.对既定游戏主题进行世界观架构、概念以及剧情文案设计,并输出设计文档。 岗位要求: - 对游戏设计原则、理论和当代游戏趋势有独到的理解 - 创造力强,能够输出原创的游戏设计,并能基于现有的游戏世界观框架、概念以及剧情输出易于理解的游戏设计方案。 - 对用户体验有独到的理解 - 具有一定的西方文化知识储备,包括西方游戏文化、西方文学、电影、音乐、历史等 - 具有较强的英文书面与口语沟通能力 - 英语母语,法语、德语、俄语母语者优先

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