Kindergarten teacher -SHENZHEN NANSHAN/FUTIAN (20-28k)-
BeneBaby International Academy
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Job description

【Responsibilities】 1. Demonstrate an understanding of curriculum, subject content, pedagogical knowledge, and the needs of students by providing relevant learning experiences; 2. Design coherent Instruction and engage students in learning; 3. Manage classroom procedures and managing student behavior; 4. Create an environment of respect and rapport; 5. Equipment set up and maintenance, such as teaching materials and classroom decoration; 6. Document students’ learning and assess students to improve teaching and learning; 7. Participate in school-wide teaching activities; 8. A reliable resource for parents; 【BENEFITS】 1. Good and comfortable working environment; 2.  Provide lunch and snacks; 3. Provide work permit and work visa; 4. Social Insurance and Health Insurance; 5. Chinese national holidays and Christmas holiday for one-day; 6. Airport ticket reimbursement for one year contract (Maximum :5000RMB); 7. Performance bonus and one whole month extra salary bonus; 8. Summer and winter vacation (both two weeks with paid).


【Qualifications】 1. Native English Speaker: English is your first language;Bachelor degree or above, relevant educational qualification certificate is preferred; 2. At least two-years teaching experience with young kids from 2-6 years old; 3. Know some theories of constructivism, sociocultural theory, funds of knowledge, foxfire, culturally responsive pedagogy ……  4. Enjoy staying with kids; 5. Energetic, patient, responsible; 6. Excellent interpersonal & communication skill;

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English Teaching


Mid-Senior level

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