New media operation
Contract15K - 20K RMB per monthShangHai
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Job Responsibilities

1. Translate product materials in accordance with North American culture; 2. Be familiar with trends and hot topics in various fields; 3. Responsible for writing facebook,google and new media advertorials; 4. Cooperate with the designer to complete the layout design and production of the poster, and make intuitive, perceptual and attractive description of the product; 5. Cooperate with other departments in writing requirements.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, relevant experience in editing, copywriting or new media is preferred; 2. Have priority in writing skills, especially in Chinese, journalism and advertising; love copywriting; have solid writing skills and copywriting planning skills; 3, can accurately capture the highlights of the product or event, with appropriate text presentation ability; 4. Familiar with Internet operation, weibo WeChat operation and "we media" operation; 5. Familiar with the publicity and operation strategies of major social media platforms;

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Digital Marketing


Entry level

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