Travel Consultant in Sunny Kunming/Yunnan
Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthKunMing
Yunnan Otherside Travel
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Job Responsibilities

公司简介 About The Otherside Travel™ 彼端旅游是一家致力于为游客提供高品质旅游的服务机构,每年为国内旅游市场接待成千上万来自五湖四海的国际游客。经过多年的磨练,我们已经发展成为中国前沿的入境旅游营销中心和接待中心;在国内我们拥有20 多位优秀的专业市场营销人员组成的办公室团队,以及遍布全国的50余名专业司机和导游,在海外的重点市场,比如美国,法国,意大利,荷兰,我们还设有8名由销售经理组成的海外营销队伍,面向海外的批发商,经销商和OTA渠道推广中国入境旅行。 Otherside Travel™ focuses on customized tours and travel services in China. We can combine modern Chinese travel destinations with our clients’ special requirements and needs and have accomodated more than thousands of guests every year from all over the world. After many years of training, We have already developed into an inbound tourism center and reception center in China; In China our office team is composed of more than 20 professional marketing and sales staff, as well as more than 50 professional drivers and guides all over the country. In overseas key markets, such as the United states, France, Italy and the Netherlands, we also have 8 marketing teams comprised of sales managers, to promote China’s inbound travel to overseas wholesalers, distributors and OTA channels. 招聘岗位 Position 英语旅游顾问(擅长多语种更佳) English Travel Consultant (Multilingualism is a bonus)

Job Requirements

1、此职位需每天用英语与客人沟通,要求英文流利,否则请不要应聘 2、中英文具有较强的口头及书面沟通能力。精通各国语言(尤其是欧洲国家语言)者优先考虑 3、有海外居住或者海外留学背景者,优先考虑 4、计算机运用能力强,熟练使用Word, Excel, Outlook等办公软件 5、对待工作细心、积极主动,具有良好的组织能力 6、具有较强的个人能力及团队合作意识 7、热爱旅游,喜欢与来自世界各地的客户交流 8、形象气质佳 9、对中国的旅游目的地有一定了解 10、具备较强的抗压能力 11、具有旅游行业相关工作经验者优先 (缺乏经验但有一定潜力者可先担任团队助理) 12、对公司及同事有较强责任心 13、对于非中国公民,我们提供工作签证 1. Please do not apply for this position unless you are fluent in English. 2. Strong oral and written communication skills in both, English and Chinese; further languages (especially European) are a plus. 3. Applicants having lived or studied abroad will be considered first. 4. Strong computer skills, skilled use of Word, Excel, Outlook and other Office programs. 5. Customer service and detail-minded; well-organized and pro-active. 6. Be able to work individually and with the team. 7. Enjoy travel and like dealing with customers from all over the world. 8. Good image and temperament. 9. Be knowledgeable of various destinations in China. 10. Able to work under pressure. 11. Prior work experience in tourism industry; (candidates with less experience but good potential will be considered as Assistant to the Travel Consultant Team in the beginning). 12. Develops quickly a sense of responsibility towards company and colleagues. 13. For non-Chinese residents: we provide a working visa.

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