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Focused service companies / industries include domestic high-tech companies, e-commerce companies, gaming companies, medical / pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing and education industries with overseas talent demand.
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    Most Popular Chinese Social APPs

    In many ways, social media is a positive force in the globe, but it isn't the same in every place. Consider the use of social media in China. It doesn't rely on your favorite social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There are a slew of Chinese social media networks that you won't know about until you've spent some time in China, and they all provide incredible functionality.

    In order to keep up with the Chinese market, you need to be familiar with Chinese social media. Here are China's top social media networks to be familiar with by the year 2020 if you want to stay up to date.

    China's Best Social Media Apps

    In 2020, these are the most popular and most popular social media applications in China. Understanding and making use of all of them will help you get your message to where it needs to go, while also allowing you to participate in the fun.


    This app is now the most popular in China, and with good reason. It does almost everything via its user interface, and it does it without a hitch.

    You may make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages, pay for restaurant orders, order and pay for taxis, and more using this app. WeChat allows you to easily connect with other WeChat users and exchange your contact information with them.


    Twitter is the closest Western analogue to China's Weibo. It's all about sending and receiving brief messages, posting videos, and communicating with other users. Even yet, it bears a striking resemblance to Twitter's distinctive blue color.

    A Tiktok-like app called Douyin Douyin has been released in China. TikTok is familiar to Westerners who use it often, so it will be easy for them to become used to it.

    This version of TikTok contains a modest eCommerce component, but the Western version is mostly a social media platform for hilarious videos and other material.

    While Douyin is widely utilized, the content and usage of Kuaishou Kuaishou tends to be more geared to those lower-income residents living in the 3rd and 4th tier cities, making it an alternative to Douyin.

    The color is red (Xiaohongshu)

    Instagram and Eve would be the finest alternatives to RED (i.e. Xiaohongshu). In order to connect with other women in the health and beauty niche, this app encourages users to share photographs and text that concentrate mostly on subjects like beauty, fashion, and other topics that are popular with women.


    Originally, Quora was used as the best comparison. In order to educate the public, it aims to answer questions they have. Experts in several fields will contribute their knowledge and expertise to ensure that the responses are thorough and accurate.

    Unlike Quora, it now links experienced professionals in a way akin to LinkedIn, while also providing rich, multi-sensory information. For even more privacy, access to the blog is restricted to those who have been invited.

    Expertise and access to niche-specific articles and other information may be gained as a result of your status as a subject matter expert.

    If you're searching for a social networking platform in China that has all of the features you need, these are the most popular ones to choose from.

    To discover more about the characters, you may also meet Keep, Youkou, Meitu, TanTan, and Maimai.

    In order to thrive on all of these platforms, whether you're wanting to utilize them for business reasons or simply for personal ones while in China, they are all must-haves.

    It doesn't matter whether you remain with WeChat or go all the way to Bilibili, social media is alive and thriving in China - it simply looks different!

    It's possible that you'll find the Chinese social media alternatives more appealing than the Western ones you've been using for a long time.