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Membership Package Specification
1. The membership package is rechargeable, refreshing resume, one-click apply and sharing of resume will be deducted from the membership fee without any additional charges, and you can use the membership fee more flexible.
2. Refreshing your resume will put it on the top of the candidate's page, each refresh will be lasted for 24 hours, letting your resume to gain more exposure.
3. The one-click apply service will automatically filter out the 10 latest positions that have not yet been applied. You only need to click the one-click apply button, the system will automatically apply these positions for you, which is the most convenient and fast.
4. The platform maintains a certain number of Recruiter WeChat groups. You just need to click the share resume button. Once our customer service received your application then will share your online resume to 5 Recruiter WeChat groups on time.
5. The member account will be cleared after expiration. Please use the refreshing resume, one-click apply and other services within the validity period of the package.