English Native Speaker Canada
29 years oldEnglish teacherCome from CanadaLiving in Hongkong
Certificate: Other
Experience: Other, Kindergarten
Language: English, Other
Mandarina little

- I have many experiences working with children in Jk&SK and grade 1 class. I was a Camp Counsellor summer program working with children woth disabilities in wheelchair and other in 2016. Also, I was a Teacher Assistants/student in co-op course during High School. I was teaching at at Daycare Centre assisting children class Jk&SK and grade 1class as well for 3-years 2010-2012. Duties were supervision during snack,lunch & recess, assisting in dressing for the winter, assisting with indoor activities at the gym and inside the classroom. I was a Oral English Teacher GuanDong province in Guangzhou, teaching Highschool students Oral Speaking English for 1year 2014-2015. Also, my previous job was working with Seniors at a Daycare centre as a PSW Personal Support worker taking care of their needs and their daily activities and etc.... I have the passion of working with my positive attitude to work and spend time with my students learning English for their future in this new generation. 谢谢

Personal Support Worker
CareFirst Seniors & Community Services
Sep 2017 - Aug 2022(5 years)

- Taking care if seniors in their daily activities needs - supervision in feeding & during activity programs - leading a excersize program - transfering the seniors from chair/table to activity area

Senior Counsellor (Summer Program)
York Region District School Board
Jun 2015 - Aug 2015(3 months)

- working with children with disabilities in Wheelchair classes in JK&SK and Grade 1 - supervision during lunch & recess - playing/doing indoor activities with them - Assisting the children getting on board the bus or van

Guang Dong High School
, English
Jun 2014 - Nov 2015(a year)

- English oral teacher for 2014-2015 for 1semester in Guangdong High School in Guangzhou China - Teaching basic Oral English in speaking with teaching materials included - giving books and topics to practice their English