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NEWS ABOUT COVID-19 To get a work visa in China has never been a simple task. With the implementation of COVID-19 limited measures, the situation has not improved.

As a result of the ongoing pandemic issue, China is now asking all international visitors to produce a negative PCR and antibody test in addition to their Electronic Health Declaration QR code and immunization certificate. They will be subjected to further screenings at the airport, and then, if everything checks out, a 14-day quarantine. Quarantine periods of 21 days or more may be mandated in exceptional circumstances by certain jurisdictions. A guest who tests positive is sent to a government facility where they will be isolated. Of course, this is all dependent on your having a valid visa to enter the country.

Brief Introduction to Chinese Visas

Visitors visiting China may choose from a wide variety of visa categories, including those designed for tourists, students, and even relatives of English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers.

L Visa for Tourists

This is the finest visa for a brief visit to China if you wish to have a vacation here before choosing whether or not to stay and look for job. Most tourist visas are good for 30 days after admission but may be extended once, usually during the last week of their original validity. While it is true that, once in China, a tourist visa may be converted into a Z Visa (for those who fall in love with the country and don't want to waste time), the process is quite onerous and may not be worth it. Remember that you are not allowed to work as an English teacher on this visa until you accomplish this Herculean feat.

Student Visa X

Students accepted into an approved school or university program are eligible for either a short-term or long-term student visa. The visa cannot be changed to a work visa at any time, unlike a tourist visa. This visa does not allow you to work as an English (or any other) language instructor.

Business Visa M

This visa is reserved for business travelers who will be seeing factories, meeting with customers, or finalizing contracts while in China. To apply for this visa, you must first get an invitation letter from a Chinese business associate of yours. Please remember that after you have entered the country, your visa cannot be changed. You can't work as an English language instructor either with this visa.

Private Visit Visa S

After you begin working in the country, this is the visa your spouse or immediate family members (parents, children under 18, and in-laws) would require in order to travel to you for a visit. The S1 option is for stays longer than 180 days, while the S2 option is for stays of up to 180 days. No, unfortunately you cannot work as an English language instructor with this visa.

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