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ESL teacher

What is ESL teacher? As you can see the definition on Google, ESL teacher means English as a Second Language teacher. Actually ESL teacher is a popular job all over the world as there are lots of English Language Learners in different countries in which English is not the countries’ first language. Between these non-English speaking countries, China has the biggest need for ESL teacher.

ESL teachers are Urgently Needed in China

China, as a big country packed with cultural, economic and geographical diversity, has open itself up to the whole world for economy development including implementing the Reform and opening up policy in 1987, joining WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2001. These economy policies have helped China develop at an incredible speed and become the second largest economy in the world. In order to follow the globalization trend, China’s government puts great value on English education on no matter children or adults. English classes are adding in children’ study and adults are encouraged to learn English for further development. So this is where the huge hiring need for ESL teachers comes from. And the hiring parties cover public schools from primary schools to universities, language training centers and overseas education agencies. The Working Requirements of ESL Teachers in China As most expats may know, China has improved the teaching requirements of ESL Teacher in China. In past, many expats become ESL Teacher in China because of good accent of English. Thing has changed now that there is a relative high threshold of being an ESL Teacher in China. According to the regulation, a qualified ESL Teacher should own 2 years of working experience with at least bachelor degree. Moreover, relative teaching certificate like TEFL/CELTA/TESOL certificate is also needed for ESL Teacher in China. Last t but not least, there is new regulation that only native English speakers can apply for work visa for working as ESL Teachers in China. So this means that non-native English speakers cannot work as English teachers in China.

The feeling of being ESL Teachers in China

So you may wonder what‘s the feeling of being an ESL Teacher in China. First I like to point out that being an ESL Teacher is definitely a good career choice for expats in China. You will get competitive salary with other benefits including free insurances, free accommodation, free flights for home leave no to mention adding bonus, paid Chinese official holiday, lunch and free internet. After checking the salary and benefits, you must be so excited to have a try for being ESL Teachers in China. While you have to know that being ESL Teachers in China will be a challenging job for you as you will live in a totally different country and suffer with culture shock. It will have a hard time for you to conform yourself in living and working in China. But do not worry! These questions also shared by other expats who first come to China, you can find them in your colleagues or find them in some work groups in facebook to communicate with them which definitely will help you to live a better life in China.

Find Jobs in China

Millions of expats are trying to find jobs in Chinawhere there are lots of good and well-paying job chances. In recent years, more and more expats find that china is a charming country combined of long and mysterious traditional roots and challenging job chances.

Job in China

Job in China, as one of the popular searches on Google, shows that China has already become a popular destination for expats to work abroad. Each year, millions of expats full of adventure spirit come to China to seek for job opportunity and immerse into a totally different culture. Do you also want to find a job and experience a new life in China? Let us start here.

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager job in China has already on job choice list of expats in China or abroad. As you can see, more and more Marketing Manager Job info have show on the lots of job websites as a great number of Chinese recruiters are looking for marketing talents to help them open oversea market.

The Hiring Need of foreign Marketing Managers in China

Since you are already making your decision to seek job chances in China, you must have visited so many job website to check new opportunities. And have you also found out that there is lots of marketing manager jobs in China and are you also interested in this kind of job to build up your career life in China. So let us figure out why there exists a hiring need for a bunch of marketing managers. It is because that now an increasing number of Chinese companies realize how important marketing is to boost their business. And their target customers are not only limit to customers oversea but also include the foreigners in China. So basically there have two types of marketing manager jobs in China.

Marketing Manager Targeting at Expats in China

As you can see in this title, being a marketing manager targeting at expats in China, you own main job duties to plan some online/ offline events to attract a crowd of expats in China to promote the products of your company/ improve visibility of company. So you not only need to publish attractive articles to promote your events to let target people informed on social media oversea, but also need to promote on main social media in China. One useful way is that you need to cooperate with other marketing manager to let them post your promoting articles to their followers. In return, you need to also list the name of the cooperating party on your promoting poster and activity board.

Marketing Manager Targeting at Oversea Customers

This kind of marketing manager job is provided by some foreign trade companies in China. And the main duty for marketing manager in Chinese foreign trade companies is to find suitable and useful foreign platform to promote relative products. In this job, you must be familiar with some hot sales website with high traffic every day. As you may know, there is always fierce market competition between foreign trade companies. Publishing your promoting articles on high-traffic websites matters a lot in the sales of products as more people see the advertising more order chances will get in your company. Not only being familiar with high-traffic sales websites is the needed quality for marketing manager in Chinese foreign trade companies, but also you should have keen sense to develop more internet celebrities oversea to help you promote product like let internet celebrities take video of your product and send with purchase link and coupon on comment area below. So obviously you need to own good communication skill to convince internet celebrities to cooperate with you at a reasonable price like provide them not only good payment but also free gift and coupon of other useful products of your companies. To keep a good cooperation relationship with these internet celebrities is also necessary for further cooperation in future.

Salse jobs China

Salse jobs China is one of the top Google searches although this one comes with wrong typing but still own a big volume of traffic on Google. The big traffic volume of “Salse jobs China” also shows that more and more expats prefers to seek for sales job in China. Yes the “Salse jobs China” is promising job no matter for local Chinese or expats.

Shanghai jobs

Shanghai, a metropolis in China, attracts millions of expats to seek for Shanghai jobs and settle down. In shanghai, you can see the harmonious integration of Chinese and western, which may be one of reason why shanghai becomes a popular city between expats.