Applying for Teaching Jobs in China

You may submit your application for a teaching position in China in a number of different methods now that you are certain that this is the career path for you. It's possible that you'll end up applying directly to a school or training center, but it's also possible that you'll wind up working with a recruiter or participating in a teach abroad program instead.

Submitting a Direct Application to Teach Abroad

A great number of educational facilities, particularly bigger chains of schools, have their own own human resources departments and recruiting teams. You are applying directly if you apply for a job directly via a school website or a job post and the person you are conversing with is a representative of that institution!

You can absolutely discover a few decent schools and apply directly via their website if you want to teach in China without the assistance of a recruiter or program while you are making your application. If you have a friend who is already working as a teacher in China, they may also be able to assist you in submitting your application straight to the school.

Getting a Job as a Teacher in China Through a Recruiter

However, if you want to teach abroad in a public school or a training facility that is not part of a chain, there is a good probability that you will end up using a recruiter in order to teach overseas. You may apply to teach at a variety of schools that seem to be a good match for you with the assistance of recruiters. The most exciting part? It doesn't cost anything to collaborate with them at all!

In reality, the school will pay the recruiter to assist in finding competent instructors; but, the recruiter will not get payment until after you have moved to China. Because of this, they will be more than willing to assist you with submitting applications for a few positions, in obtaining your visa, or in answering any queries that you may have.

You should be aware that these recruiters work for the school and not for you; thus, you should under no circumstances give them any money and you should do your own research before signing any contracts or agreeing to anything. Any college recruiter who tries to force you to attend a school in which you have no interest is not doing their job properly.

Put in an application with one of the Teach Abroad Programs.

It's possible that you've come across a few teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) or teach abroad programs in China. This is yet another prevalent technique that a great number of instructors in China get their careers started. In my very first year of teaching, I had the opportunity to teach in another country.

The application procedure, branding, and "perks" are the primary areas in which a teach abroad program and a recruiter are differentiated from one another. In most cases, you start by applying to a program directly, and then you are considered for acceptance. Later on, you will be given a school to attend, and depending on the circumstances, you may or may not have any input over the decision.

When compared to what you may earn if you applied directly or hired a recruiter, the wages that are offered via teach abroad programs are often a little bit lower. On the other hand, these programs often include additional benefits, such as a free TEFL, orientation, Facebook group, Chinese classes, and other opportunities.

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