Can you get rich teaching English in China?

There are an increasing number of teachers that are interested in working in China as English instructors. It is by no means a new phenomena; educators have been making the journey to this ancient land for far longer than any of us have been alive here today.

What's new is the incredible influx of individuals wanting to teach English as a second language in China. Every day, we have conversations with educators who are interested in learning more about the prospects. This is due, in part, to the fact that China now offers salaries and benefits that are on par with those offered by other countries. The doors are being ripped open, and instructors are forming a line to get a better look at what all the commotion is about.

In spite of the fact that there is a lot of debate over whether or not China has the most native speakers of English in the world, there is no question that it has the most people learning English. It is believed that between 250 and 350 million people in China are now studying the English language.

It should come as no surprise that China is spending so significantly in instructors and becoming into such an appealing TEFL destination given the sheer number of English language students in the country. Because it is such a large nation, you might stay there for a very long time and yet not see all there is to see...

How much money is it possible to make in China by teaching English?

When it comes to teaching English in China, there is a significant gap between the minimum wage and the maximum income. As is the case everywhere else, your level of experience and education will determine your salary. You may be earning as much as $3,000 USD per month at the high end of the spectrum, but it's more probable that fresh-faces will land anywhere between $1,500 and $1,800 a month. At the bottom end of the scale, you could be making as little as $600 USD per month.

If you have a few years of expertise under your belt and are teaching English in China, you can expect to make between $1,800 and 2,000 a month on average. However, before you can earn that much money, you may have to work for a year at a wage that is a little bit lower. In the same way as it does with everything else, this all relies on the course, the institution, and the instructor. However, you may have peace of mind knowing that there is opportunity for financial gain in China for those who are qualified.

A footnote on this: teachers who are qualified teaching professionals in their own country and who also have teaching experience and a 120-hour TEFL certification might receive a monthly remuneration of up to $4,000 if they teach abroad. This is a footnote because it would be dishonest to claim that this is something that happens often. The majority of instructors will receive a salary that falls somewhere in the middle of the range, with the possibility of earning more as they gain experience.

Just one more thing! Because of differences in the cost of living between rural and urban locations, salaries change accordingly. Teachers who work in places with a lower cost of living, such as rural or smaller cities, often get remuneration that is much lower (we know, that seems a bit counterintuitive when South Korea offers bonuses for teachers willing to brave the wilds).

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