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It is a little surprising that cgtn English is also on the popular searching words relating to China. It seems that Chinese oversea TV channel CGTN has successfully broadcast Chinese news to the world and makes more and more foreigners hear the true voice from China but not just know China from western Medias which only like to boost their traffic by some malicious reports of China.

Come Close to a True China and Know More about CGTN

As all of you can see the self introduction of CGTN, CGTN is the abbreviation of China Global Television Network and it is formerly known as CCTV-9 and CCTV News. Now it is a Chinese international English-language news channel of the state-owned China Global Television Network group, which is part of Beijing-based China Central Television (CCTV).

The Aim of CGTN

Aiming at oversea market and similar to CNN, BBC, NHK World-Japan, DW, DD India, WION, Voice of America, France 24 and RT., the task of CGTN is broadcasting Chinese news in English based on Chinese perspective to stop the malicious action of some western Medias which just report Chinese news in their own minds but not from an objective third-party view. At past, it is always that western Medias can randomly report China at subjective perspective and always distort the fact, now finally China owns a channel to voice for itself in international stage. If you have followed this channel, you will find that there are lots of expats worked as TV hosts and report the Chinese news at foreigners’ sight. It is really easily to understand this channel as every host speaks a clear and perfect English.

The Coverage of CGTN

CGTN provides newscasts, in-depth reports, and commentary programs as well as feature presentations. Its signal of free-to-air satellite can be received by more than 85 million viewers in over 100 countries and regions. It is focused towards ethnic Chinese, English-speaking audiences on the international ground. In 2010, because of its contribution to diversity in the global flow of information and broader vision, CGTN won the 2010 Hot Bird TV award and the national window Award.

Find Job in CGTN

As so much information about CGTN has been mention before, many job-hunters feel that maybe they can also fit some vacancies in CGTN. Yes expats can find some job vacancies in CGTN and mainly the hiring info of CGTN will be posted on its official website. If you find out some interested job info of the local CGTN office in your community, prepare an excellent resume with self-introduction video send to the recruiter.

1. Host Job in CGTN

This kind of job has stricter and higher standard for applying candidates as you cannot have any resentment at China and should own an excellent broadcast skill to handle emergencies of news promptly and properly. Being subjective to report Chinese news in clear English is the basic requirement of this job.

2. Director of Interview Programs

There are always some interview programs put forward by Television Station, so there is always a hiring need for director. It would be a big plus if you have some successful work before as a director or have some relative experience in the directing job in Television Station.