China International School

At international school, students may expect to study a wide variety of topics, including but not limited to the following: English, music, art, literature, and even physical education. You could have a better chance of being recruited if you have previous experience teaching in international schools, extensive knowledge of the subject matter, a degree in education, and, preferably, prior experience with the curriculum that will be taught. In the event that you do not possess these items, it does not necessarily indicate that you will not receive the job; nonetheless, you will need a significant amount of teaching experience in general and be prepared to demonstrate that you can learn on the job. To put it simply, you need to leave a positive impression on them!

More than 900 international schools, the majority of which are from the United Kingdom and North America, as well as a few dubious establishments known for employing incompetent and hapless foreigners, can be found in China. Additionally, China is home to a number of questionable establishments known for employing foreigners. Choosing the second alternative is something you should, of course, try to avoid. Keep an open mind, though, since there are a number of fantastic institutions in Asia that are on par with the quality of our universities modeled after the Western tradition. The key is to investigate in great detail the many international schools that are offered in China.

It is essential to bear in mind that the standards and expectations of every institution are a little bit different from one another. In addition to the basic qualifications that are mentioned on the Am I Eligible? page, some institutions, such as the Canadian International School in Beijing, demand a Canadian teaching certificate from prospective teachers. There are also international schools that adhere to the Chinese educational system, which often consists of morning drills modeled after the military and an afternoon nap lasting for two hours. Because we meant it when we claimed China was different from other countries, it is essential that you gather as much information as you can on the specific university that you are thinking about applying to.

However, despite China's generally strict requirements for working at international schools, there is one notable exception to this rule. When there is a considerable disparity between the number of teaching posts that are open and the number of applicants, the conditions for fulfilling those positions may be a little bit more "loose," if you catch our meaning. If you apply to the appropriate school at the right time, your lack of prior teaching experience could not be taken into consideration (i.e., when they are needy for instructors). If you sacrifice your academic qualifications in order to get admission to a prominent college, it is possible that you will be successful.

If you are interested in working at an international school but do not possess the appropriate credentials to teach there, you should be aware that there are frequently openings for temporary roles such as replacement teachers, TAs, and internships. This is something you should be aware of if you are interested in working at an international school. If your final goal is to work at a prestigious international school, despite the fact that the compensation will be lower, accepting a position that pays less may be desirable. This is because your ultimate goal is to work at an international school.

Because of the high quality of life that comes along with working in international teaching roles, there is a significant amount of competition for these jobs. The remuneration is outstanding (among the best of all teaching professions), the class sizes are reasonable, and the assistance that is offered to students is remarkable; in addition, working in such an atmosphere looks wonderful on the CV of a teacher.

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