Common Job Types in China

Aside from public schools and training facilities, China's educational landscape is dominated by foreign institutions. You should educate yourself with each sort of school so that you may choose which one is most suited to your skills and interests.

Teaching Positions at Chinese Public Schools

The majority of public schools in China have hired oral English instructors to help with pupils on their speaking and listening comprehension, as well.

You'll most likely be a supplementary English teacher if you work in a public school. Chinese English teachers usually teach grammar and help students prepare for tests, but these lessons are frequently conducted in a way that doesn't entail much conversation in English. Every week (or every two weeks!) you'll be expected to come in and assist your pupils improve their English communication skills.

Large class sizes are common in Chinese public institutions. A typical class size will be between 30 and 50 students, depending on the kids' ages. In addition, your lessons will be held relatively seldom. For example, I was the only English teacher in the school that taught spoken English, and I did it once every two weeks.

Many public schools in China recruit fewer foreign teachers than training centers, so you can be the only one from outside the country teaching there. It's not unusual for a school to have just one to five oral English instructors.

Finally, if you work in a public school, you can expect your lessons to run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, with a long lunch break. Teaching at a public school is probably your best option if you need a regular Monday-Friday schedule.

People who want to work at the Chinese Training Center

Work at Chinese training institutions is also quite common in China. On the weekends and after school these private, for-profit facilities engage with kids. However, it is important to remember that if you work in a training facility you may not be working the regular Monday-Friday shifts.

Teaching English as a second language is the most popular employment in a training center, but there are other additional opportunities available. If you're good at public speaking and have a passion for helping others improve their public speaking skills, there are many opportunities for you. Despite the fact that some of these positions may be found in public schools, they are more often found at training facilities.

Unlike public institutions, training centers have a larger range of students. You may be teaching 4-year-olds English at a kindergarten, or you could be teaching business English to adults in a university. You have the freedom to explore wherever you choose.

The last benefit of training centers is that the average class size is much less than that of public or private institutions. The typical class size at a training facility is between four and eight pupils. When it comes to working with kids, you may even have the opportunity to meet them face to face!

Other Types of Teaching Jobs in China

International schools are the ideal option if you have two years of teaching experience and are a certified teacher in your native country. Whether it's math, physics, business, or history, you can do it here in English!

These schools are generally for the children of foreign residents or Chinese kids who want to attend high school or college in the United States or other countries.

This sort of work requires more education and training, but the perks and pay are much superior than those of a public school or training center.

In China, there are a number of other teaching positions that may be found.

These aren't the only occupations that may be found in China, though. Teaching at a university is a career that will never go out of style. Despite the fact that you'll only be teaching a few lessons each week, you'll have a lot of time on your hands.

You'll also see positions at private schools, which provide a mix of public school options and foreign school credentials. With somewhat lower class numbers, many private schools operate like public schools (maybe). Private schools that resemble an international school may even provide a program that allows pupils to learn in English on a part-time basis as well as a full time basis.

Consider looking at pre-university programs for kids who have already finished high school but want to attend college in another country. Some of them may have failed the Gaokao (Chinese university admissions exam), or they may not have had enough time to study for Western university applications because of their busy schedules. Here, you may assist students in preparing for standardized tests such as the TOEFL, the IELTS, the SAT, the ACT and others.

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